Learning Aims

At the end of the session, participants should understand:

1. What high speed photography is
2. Why using flash is key for high speed photography
3. How to set up to shoot high speed photos in a dark studio

Syllabus - 1 hour theory

1. What is high speed photography?

1.1  History
1.2 Examples

2. Camera vs Flash

1.1 Camera
1.2 Flash

3. Triggering

3.1. Hand
3.2. Sensors

4. Set up ideas

4.1 Water Balloon
4.2 Projectile through Apple

Practical Session - 1 hour studio session

The practical session will walk participants through every step of capturing their first high speed photos. We'll focus on capturing a bursting water balloon.

With this set up, all participants will be able to photograph the action simultaneously, allowing everyone to get involved and giving the opportunity to leave the workshop with a set of exciting images.