Header image by Triggertrap User Greg Rabin

If you have a camera, the chances are you probably have a camera bag to put it in (unless you throw caution to the wind and shove it in a normal backpack, that's okay too). Along with your camera, your camera bag is the one thing you'll be pretty much guaranteed to take to every shoot, so we've put together our list of the things you should have in your camera bag but probably don't already!

  1. Bottle of water - Only recommended if you can keep it on the outside of the bag, but always try and have a bottle of water on you. Dehydration sucks.
  2. Snacks - Stops you getting hangry on a shoot. Nobody likes a hangry photographer.
  3. Gaffer tape - Holds pretty much anything to anything, great for fixing stuff if you’re caught short and useful in so many ways. Really you shouldn't ever leave home without some gaffer tape, just in case! Be sure to use the good, high quality stuff. Duct tape is not the same thing!
  4. Painkillers - Keep headaches, muscle pain, and general achiness at bay with some basic painkillers.
  5. Multi-tool - A Leatherman or similar is perfect, just check the laws in your country surrounding carrying knives.
  6. Q-Tips - (Or cottonbuds, as we call them in the UK) Handy for cleaning up makeup, fixing bits of food on a plate, removing specks of dust on a photo and more.
  7. Sewing kit - Shoot weddings or fashion? A small sewing kit might just save the day!
  8. Microfibre cloth - Perfect for cleaning lenses in a hurry, wiping your glasses and amazing for cleaning fingerprints off glass, and shiny plastic.
  9. Pen (or pencil) & paper - You never know when you might want to take notes, sketch a lighting diagram, write down your coffee order… the list goes on, so keep a pen and small notepad handy!
  10. Sharpie - They write on everything and are extremely useful, heck, pack two. For bonus points, wrap one with strips of gaffer tape.
  11. Torch - If you end up shooting in a dark environment, a torch is crucial! Keep one in your bag so you're always prepared.
  12. Small can of deodorant - If it's a long day on set or you're shooting a wedding, having a small deodorant can or stick in your bag is perfect for a quick mid-shoot freshen up!
  13. Chewing gum - Garlic bread with your lunch? You'll want some gum!
  14. Business cards - Chances are you'll have a few of these in your wallet, but keep some spares in your bag just in case!
  15. Small handy wipes - A small pack of wet wipes can be a lifesaver, perfect for cleaning your own hands, wiping muck off clothes (you never know what might happen, birds can be evil) or if you try eating an ice cream with one hand and holding the camera in the other, they're perfect for wiping the drips off the camera body.
  16. Large sandwich/ziplock bags - Keep a load of the above in a sandwich bag and you don't even have to worry about packing them! Ziplock bags are perfect for splash-proofing flashes in a hurry, keeping sweet packets, used wipes, old tape and other rubbish separate from your kit and so much more!
  17. Bungee cords / String - Another one of those things that might just get you out of a pinch! Great for securing stuff to stands, tripods to bags and more. Ball bungees easily attach to the outside of bags so they won’t even take up any space in the bag!

BONUS ITEM - Triggertrap Mobile Kit - Of course, we're a little biased, but it fits in any bag and lets you do a bunch of awesome stuff!