Cover photo by Adam Beath.

The latest Triggertrap Mobile for Android Beta is here and this time it brings you more additions to the app's settings than you can shake a stick at.

Let's be honest; some of the modes and improvements we have seen grace the Android Beta for Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 have been more delightful than we ever would have hoped when we first began developing the new version of the app. Some modes, such as TimeWarp, are now flexible and user-friendly in ways we would never have dreamed with the last version. But what's the point in all these amazing modes if you can't adjust them to the needs of your project? Fear not! The Settings menu has been updated and is now as handsome as the lovechild of Brad Pitt and a majestic, prizewinning horse. Or something.

Pulse length

You can now set the pulse length from 30 milliseconds to three seconds. The  shorter pulse length is useful for triggering  flashes while the longer pulse lengths are useful for cameras that are slower to respond, and can also be useful if a camera has autofocus turned on (although we do strongly recommend manual focus only for Triggertrap Mobile 2.0).

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Setting a longer pulse length can have a knock-on effect on some modes. For example, in Timelapse mode, if your time interval is shorter than your pulse length you’ll see a warning that asks you to adjust your settings so that you don't run into any trouble with your camera not being able to cope. For TimeWarp, settings that did not have overlapping pulses may now have overlaps due to the longer pulse length setting, meaning that adjustments will need to be made if you want the full number of exposures to be possible.

Sensor delay

The Sensor Delay gives the ability to set a delay for a trigger caused by a sensor. So in the case of the sound sensor if we set a delay of 4 seconds, once the sound sensor has passed its trigger threshold it will wait for four seconds before triggering the camera.

Sensor reset delay

The Sensor Reset Delay can be set to stop a sensor triggering multiple times within a certain time and ruining your exposure. In other words if we set a Sensor Reset Delay of one second, triggers from a sensor will always be one second apart.

Speed and Distance Units

These settings are specifically for the DistanceLapse mode. Depending on your preference you can pick your units of choice.

So there you have it! Version 2.0_beta_10 is available in the Play Store for all Beta Test members now. We would also love to hear your feedback on this Beta update in our Beta Test group and forum. Experiencing any issues with the update? Feel free to email us at