Holy cow, we've just had an absolutely flippin' awesome day at Venturefest. For one thing, we won the 'Best Business' award (How cool is that?!), but we also did a shout-off between two mayors, and then we used our Screambooth to take loads of other awesome photos too. Here are the 20 best...

The Mayoral Shout-Off

We had not one, but two mayors show up and shout at our Screambooth!

Ian Boulton of South Gloucestershire

Ian Boulton of South Gloucestershire

Mayor George Ferguson

Mayor George Ferguson

17 best-ofs

We also had a lot of other amazing people come and shout at our scream-triggered photo booth. Here's some of the best ones!

The Winning Picture

So, Science Bristol picked us as one of their favourite companies... In fact, we were picked as the 'Best Company' of all of the Innovation Showcase. We're incredibly proud (and a little bit flabbergasted, too - we were up against some pretty incredible competition!)

We celebrated, of course, with a Screamgrab holding the spoils of our competition win:

The rest

Of course, there are tons of other great photos too - check out the full set on Flickr!