Please note: The following article refers to our first product, Triggertrap V1 and not our current product, Triggertrap Mobile.

Holy flying bovines on pogosticks, it's actuality going to happen!

Triggering a media storm

I cannot believe this, folks. Triggertrap opened for business on Kickstarter exactly a week ago, and the response has been absolutely overwhelming.

I've had dozens of e-mails and messages, and the Triggertrap has been featured on Engadget, Gizmodo, Ubergadget, Wired, PetaPixel, and many others to boot.

What can I tell you - it feels awesome and incredible - the level of support and encouragement I've had from you all is out of this world. For this, ladies and esquires, I thank thee heartily.

More details about the Triggertrap

It's been a busy week of taking in and disseminating information here on On the heels of last week's update, I've created a Supported Cameras page which shows which cameras are supported (and, in a very few instances, not supported) by the Triggertrap device.

We started receiving a lot of e-mails with questions about whether there was an adjustable delay built-in (yes), whether it would be possible to add your own features (yes), and if it would be possible to use the Triggertrap to trigger a flash instead of a camera (yes). 

Getting funded

So, only a week after going live, I get a joyous e-mail in my inbox, telling me that we've now sold 314 Triggertraps (314! If it wasn't breakfast time, I might have celebrated with a slice of Pi. In fact, I still might), and that 304 of you lovely people have pledged a total of twenty-six thousand dollars.

Of course, that includes the $1,999 from my dad, who figured that might be the cleverest way to sneak the purchase of a camera past my mum, by disguising it as 'helping the kid out' but that's a different story altogether.

Thank you all for helping us make a dream come true. You're all bloody awesome.

Spread the word.

We've met the goal on Kickstarter, but the real goal is for a Triggertrap is to be in the hands of all photography geeks out there, so please do keep sharing the love around

Show us some Twitter love, join us on Facebook, and tell your friends about the Triggertrap. If they don't buy one via Kickstarter, there's likely to be a pretty big gap until they go on sale to the general public (at least several months), so it's now or aaages from now!