The holidays are well and truly on the way. But before you get on to decking the halls and roasting chestnuts on an open fire, make sure you check out our Christmas gift list below. We've put together a list of our favourite gifts, perfect for photographers of all skill levels and budgets so you can start filling those stockings. 

Tether Tools iPad Utility Mounting Kit

We often use an iPad in our set-ups: they are perfect for displaying photos taken at one of our Screambooths. Or for when we need a little bit more screen when putting together timelapse sequences using Triggertrap Timelapse Pro. The Tether Tools iPad Utility Mounting Kit is a perfect holder for your iPad and allows you to streamline your setup to just one light stand or tripod.
Price: $112.89 - $129.89

You never have to worry about losing your images again with the Eyefi Mobi card. The SD card comes with built-in WiFi that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. As well as backing up your images, it's great to use in a photo booth for showing images to participants. 
Price: from $29.99

We love long exposures, and lens filters go hand in hand with this kind of photography. You can use filters to create a huge range of effects from intensifying blue skies, to reducing contrast, to extending your exposure. And you just can't compete with the quality of LEE Filters
Price: starter kit from £112.00

From the newest generation of tripods from 3 Legged Thing, Evolution 3 Punks Vyv is a tough, rigid tripod while still managing to be compact and lightweight! We find 3 Legged Thing tripods are perfect for travelling around, as their size allows you to easily attach them to a backpack and even fit them into a small suitcase.
Price: £149.00

When it comes to versatile and reliable camera straps, there's simply no match for Peak Design. The Compact Strap Pack gives you everything you would ever need from a camera strap, including a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether, video stabiliser, and a camera wrist strap. It also comes fully equipped with Peak Design's Anchor Link quick-connection system.
Price: $49.95

The Camslinger is the perfect camera bag for the photographer on-the-go. There's enough space for a smaller DSLR, or if you are using a mirrorless camera you'll be able to fit in an extra lens (or Triggertrap kit!). For a camera bag it's very slimline making it perfect for travelling. The belt strap makes for comfortable wearing without the nuisance of a shoulder bag, and fast access to your camera.
Price: from $49.95

The Light Blaster allows you get creative with your photography in ways you didn't know were possible! It's a strobe-based image projector that lets you project still images into any physical space. Within seconds plain white walls can be turned into a huge variety of textured backgrounds. The Light Blaster can connect to your existing lens and hotshoe flash, and the projections are made through 35mm slides.
Price: $99.00

Once you've used a Faith Speedlight Stand you won't want to go back. The stand comes complete with an integrated umbrella holder, cold shoe, and water based stabilisation system. As well as a concealed spike for soft ground allowing stability on the move. You can even use it as a phone or tablet holder–perfect for when you need to get your Triggertrap Mobile sensors closer to the action!
Price: £49.99

There are a couple of different free timelapse processing software options out there, but if you're a lover of timelapse or know a photographer who is, it's well worth getting LRTimelapse. The software integrates perfectly with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom giving you so much more control compared to the free options. The advanced tools such as Visual Deflicker and Holy Grail Wizard are our favourites. 
Price: €119.00

We couldn't resist one more holiday gift idea that we are sure the photographer in your life wouldn't be able to resist. If you haven't heard of us already, Triggertrap Mobile transforms your smartphone into the ultimate camera remote for your DSLR. The interface is easy-to-use and with Triggertrap Mobile in your camera bag, you'll have a whole host of long exposure modes, timelapse techniques, and high speed sensors right at your fingers tips! All you need is our free app available on Android and iOS and one of our cable kits. Order now for free shipping on all baskets worth over £40/$50, and remember our last recommended order date for Christmas is the 15 December. Order yours now.
Price: £29.99/$37.00

What do you want for Christmas?

Join the conversation and let us know which photography gadget you want as a holiday gift, or if you have any other ideas not on our list! Tag us @Triggertrap and #Triggertrap on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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