As you'll have spotted in our user guide, there's an Auxiliary port built into the Triggertrap V1. That means that you can connect just about anything you could dream of to the Triggertrap V1. Running low on ideas? Here's a few to get you started...

  • Acceleration sensors - Take a photo when someone bumps into something, or use the G-force measurements to take photos in your car or on your motorbike when you go through particularly fantastic sharp corners.
  • Air Flow Sensors - My, is it windy today? Let's take a load of photos to find out!
  • Air Quality Sensors - Take a photo when a room fills with smoke, for example. Or go the extra-geeky route and use an Optical Dust sensor. Ooh.
  • Compass sensor - hook your camera up to a compass so whenever your car is facing due north, it'll take a photo! How that would come in useful is beyond us, but who knows, perhaps you'll come up with something
  • Current Sensors - Start taking photos whenever the power consumption in your house goes above or below a certain level
  • Distance meter - You could combine a distance meter with a laser sensor to take precise images of things moving towards or away from the camera, for example.
  • Fingerprint sensor - Yeah, there's absolutely no reason to use a fingerprint scanner to choose who to take photos of or not. But you can, and that's awesome.
  • Geiger Sensors - Program your Triggertrap to take a photo of the nuclear apocalypse. How you get the photos off the memory card afterwards is a separate challenge...
  • Humidity sensors - take photos when it starts raining, or when the humidity goes above or under a particular level
  • Internet sensors - hook up the Triggertrap to a widget that sends an electric signal whenever someone visits a particular website. That would also mean that you could control your camera from your smartphone anywhere in the world! Nifty stuff.
  • Liquid flow sensors - take a photograph whenever someone turns on a tap or a garden hose
  • Liquid level sensors - take photos when the river tries to break out of its banks, or
  • Magnetic Sensors - So pressure sensors are a bit too plebeian for you? Go all the way, and break out a Hall Effect sensor, and use the power of magnetics to trigger your camera. Like a boss.
  • Motion sensor - Perfect for stalking photos of animals on their way to steal the grain out of your bird-feeder. Or, y'know, the birds who are meant to eat the stuff in the first place.
  • pH sensor - Is the acidity of your wine dropping below the pre-defined level? Take a photo! Yeah, again, no idea how this would apply to photography, but I'll break out the one-size-fits-all reason for doing any of this: Because We Can!
  • Pressure Sensors - Take a photo when someone steps on a door mat, opens a window, or does something else that's high pressure. Unless you take 'high pressure' to mean leading a board meeting at work. In that case, you may need a bullshit detector instead.
  • Speed sensors - Recreate the movie Speed, except instead of blowing the bus up, you could take a new photograph whenever
  • Temperature sensor - It's getting hot in here... Etc. Take a photo whenever the party gets hot - or when the refrigerator breaks again.
  • Voice Recognition Sensor - Want to make sure you get a photo of that cute chick that always orders the extra tall skinny lattes at work? Yeah, so it's pretty creepy and well beyond a little bit stalkerish, but hey, we have the technology, dammit, so we may as well...

Got any other ideas? Leave a comment below!!