Just figured we'd end this week with a quick update for our EU customers of the Triggertrap Mobile... As we mentioned soon after launch, the volume limitation imposed on iOS devices by the EU is causing problems for the Triggertrap Mobile dongle. Anyway, so we have just received the first five completely redesigned EU compatible dongles. From the outside, it looks exactly the same as our original dongles, with two minor changes a slimline plug, and a different colour strain relief grommet (as nobody requested, but we have to have an easy way of keeping them apart, and a little splash of funky Triggertrap Redâ„¢ seemed to do the trick).

On theinside, however, the new dongles are completely, 100% different. We've redesigned the PCB, and have swapped out all the components to make the device more sensitive (so it works with all iOS devices, including the EU volume-limited devices. And, you know, any other apps we may or may not be working on), more durable, and more future-proof.

When are they shipping? Can I buy one yet?

Woah, hold your horses, cowboy - a prototype doesn't mean that we're ready to ship quite yet. We have identified a couple of quality issues that we aren't completely happy with quite yet, so we're going to have to go through at least one more prototyping iteration before full-scale production can continue.

We have already completed the design phase, the functional prototyping phase, and the dongles we've just received are the first-generation production prototypes.

If everything goes to plan (famous last words...), we will complete the production prototyping round in the next 2-3 weeks. After that, full production starts. The first couple of hundred EU dongles off the production line are earmarked for our EU customers who are patiently (and some, nail-bitingly) awaiting their replacement dongles. After that, they'll also go on general sale!

But... I just ordered an original Triggertrap Dongle!

Not to worry; the original Triggertrap dongles are as awesome as they ever were - and since we have now completed our complete re-testing programme, they are more reliable than every before, too. In short, if you are unaffected by the EU volume limitation issue, there's no reason not to buy the current dongles.

In addition, we haven't quite completed the maths on this one - it's possible that we may have to increase the price of the EU dongle slightly, which means that you might find that your original Triggertrap dongle is an even bigger bargain than before.

So, what will they cost?

We haven't completed our pricing yet, but we'll announce the price for the EU dongles as soon as we know! Rest assured, Triggertrap Mobile will still, with quite a comfortable margin, be the best and cheapest way to trigger your SLR camera with your smartphone...