I recently posted a post where I was playing with water balloons and the sound trigger, but I realised that there really wasn't any reason why I couldn't test the laser sensor in the same way... And once the idea popped (ha!) into my head, I figured I couldn't not try... For these shots, I set up the Triggertrap near the flashes, and a laser pointer on a light stand, pointing down into the Triggertrap's laser sensor. I was surprised yet again by how bloody fast the laser sensor is; fantastic fun. Anyway, I tried a few different things, including plain balloons, balloons filled with a pinch of flour, and balloons filled with just a tiny little bit of water.

I should probably point out, too, that these were mostly taken for test purposes; if I was doing photos creatively, I'd have waited until after dark, and gone outside to do them. For the purposes of Triggertrap, I'm not a creative photographer, however, merely a technologist (my fiancee would say I was a photographic 'enabler', after which we'd have a great discussion about the differences between US and UK English, as 'enabler' has negative connotations in the US, whereas I'm not really aware of such a distinction in UK English. Oh the joys of multiculturalism) - so keep an eye on the Triggertrap Flickr pool to see what other photographers are will be coming up with using the Triggertrap!

Aaaanyway... Without further ado...

Balloon with flour

Balloon with flour

Balloon with water