The spookiest night of the year is right around the corner, so get ready to prepare your spooky pumpkins, creepy costumes, and cavity-inducing stash of candy - oh, and don't forget your camera! Halloween is the perfect time to get stuck into some fun photography projects, and we've got six creative ideas to get you in the spirit this year.

1. Photograph your pumpkin

There's nothing that screams Halloween more than a pumpkin (or Jack-o-lantern). But photographing a pumpkin can be a tricky business, especially since you'll be shooting in low light to get that candle glow just right. Never fear - Triggertrap Mobile has a whole host of long exposure modes at your fingertips. All you need is a tripod or a sturdy surface. Instead of just photographing the finished lantern, you could even create a timelapse of yourself carving the design as well.

The photo below was taken using Timed Release mode. By using a wide angle lens and placing the camera on the same surface as the lantern you can get an interesting angle, making the pumpkin look even more ominous. Textured surfaces can really work with the glow from the candle. 

Photograph of a pumpkin using Timed Release mode in Triggertrap Mobile.

2. Create a timelapse of your costume

Getting dressed up to go out trick-or-treating or to a party is half the fun of Halloween! Why not capture a timelapse of your transformation to share with your friends and family? If you're new to the world of timelapse, check out our handy guide below. And if you need any inspiration, take a look at Jody Steel's YouTube channel. She's definitely one to watch for her awesome timelapses showing her phenomenal make-up creations.

3. Do some light painting

With the evenings getting darker earlier this is the perfect opportunity for some light painting. It's a really fun and easy technique, and all you'll need is a torch and a camera that can be set to bulb*.  You can get really creative with light painting and instead of using a torch you can use a string of LEDs, like in Triggertrap user Tim Gamble's shot below. How about using a torch to outline some of your friends, light specific spooky things in the scene, or even get stuck into creating some light orbs.
*If you're not sure how to use bulb, check out our tutorial.

Tim Gamble is a bit of a pro at light painting. To see more from him, check out his Photographer Spotlight page.

Tim Gamble is a bit of a pro at light painting. To see more from him, check out his Photographer Spotlight page.

4. Set up a Screambooth

Fancy adding a scary Halloween twist to your photo booth? We've got the perfect thing: A photobooth activated by sound! We always set one of these up when we attend events and they go down a treat. Who can resist when someone asks you to come and shout at their camera, pretty odd right?

Taken using Triggertrap Mobile.

If you want to learn more about how to set up a Screambooth, take a look at our tutorial below:

5. Catch trick-or-treaters in the act

When trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door, it can be pretty creepy. If you fancy getting your own back, try setting up a camera trap using Triggertrap Mobile's Motion Sensor to catch those guys out. To find out more on how to create camera traps using Triggertrap, take a look here.  

6. Use long exposure to turn people into ghosts

You don't need a white sheet to make yourself look like a ghost, all you need is a camera and a long exposure. Get a few friends together, and try out the fun technique below.

We want to see your spooky photos!

Share your Halloween shots with us over on our Flickr pool. If you've taken part in any fun photography projects we haven't mentioned, let us know! Get in touch by tagging us #Triggertrap and @Triggertrap on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook

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