The idea for Triggertrap happened about 18 months ago, when I built my first laser camera trigger. It became a huge success, but it had limitations. For one, my Laser Camera Trigger was fabulous, but was barely even a prototype - it was more of a hack. Don't get me wrong, it worked, and it worked well, it just wasn't very... portable.

Since my initial idea, I started discovering that I could have needed something like the Triggertrap in my everyday photography.

Triggering a camera with a laser beam, after all, would be very useful indeed: It's easier to operate with your foot, for example (for stop motion animation, simply breaking a light beam to take another photo means that you can work in peace without having to run the risk of moving your camera), or clapping your hands to take a photo would be similarly useful.

Then I started thinking that my laser trigger already had most of the crucial things built-in: A way to trigger the camera, and a whole range of opportunities for extending its flexibility. And thus, the idea for building a universal camera trigger was born...

Video walk-through