Cover image by Triggertrap user, Kris Wallace

We love photography - it’s kind of our thing. So, instead of annoying our family, friends and neighbours by talking about it all the time, we decided it’d be a good idea to create an online community based around that love.

That’s why we’re launching #TriggerChat on Twitter - a monthly themed chat where we ask you guys five questions in order to share tips and discuss our passion for the art.

The first one will be happening on Friday 29th April and will continue on every last Friday of the month at 1.30pm EDT or 6.30pm BST.

The first month will be based around general photography tips, to fit in with our content theme for April. However, next month we will be focussing solely on Star Trails.

Why should you get involved?

First and foremost, our launch chat will involve a giveaway for the best contributor. We’re giving away a Triggertrap Mobile Kit and a Triggertrap Accessory kit, which includes:

You could win a Triggertrap Mobile Kit and Accessory Kit, just like this one!

  • 1 x Triggertrap Flash Adapter
  • 1 x Triggertrap Phonetrap
  • 1 x Triggertrap Extension Cable
  • 1 x Triggertrap Mini Tripod

Plus, you’ll be learning tips and tricks from a lovely bunch of like-minded people, so what’s not to like? Perhaps you’ll create new contacts and be introduced to some awesome new photographers you can use as your latest inspiration!

What should you expect and how does it work?

We’ll be asking five questions via @Triggertrap, and you can keep up with the conversation by viewing the hashtag: #TriggerChat

You reply to the questions, chat with others who are also taking part. Just make sure you end all your tweets with #TriggerChat so that we can see your answers!

We’ll announce the winner of the inaugural prize towards the end of the chat, so be sure to stick around until the end!

Are you as excited as we are?

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t forget, and we’ll see you there.