Cover photo by Elijah Vivio.

You may have spotted that we did a hackathon yesterday, during which we were hacking away trying to come up with some lessons learned, ideas created, and inspirations for future Triggertrap products. As part of that, we had a timelapse running, of course. As you might expect, we figured that a timelapse of five nerds geeking away on laptops wouldn't make for much of a timelapse... Until a pair of gentlemen approached our table, around 21 seconds into the video. The whole thing happened very quickly, but Haje spotted that one of them tried to steal our operation's manager Mat's phone.

It's an old trick: place something on top of the phone (in this case, a post-card), and then pick the thing up again, this time with the phone as well. We weren't having any of it, and ended up escorting the two gents out of the Watershed, the location of our hackathon.

Anyway; you can only see them for about three or four frames, so it's not much to see, but I wanted to share it with you anyway; our very first Crime Timelapse... Or Crimelapse, of course.