So far on this blog, it's been all Triggertrap V1, Triggertrap V1, Triggertrap V1, and not a lot about the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino. (or TT-K, as we've come to know it; the K stands for Kit).

The Triggertrap Shield has exactly the same functionality as the normal Triggertrap, but instead of being a stand-alone device, it is a build-it-yourself kit for the ├╝ber-geeks among us.

If the thought of using a soldering iron scares the bejesus out of you, then perhaps you're better off with a regular Triggertrap. However, we've made the Triggertrap Shield as easy-to-build as possible. That means that all the components are easy to solder, and we've even made sure to mark the PCB (that's a 'printed circuit board' - or the usually-green thing that electronics live on. The Triggertrap Shield's PCB is red, just to be that little bit more snazzy) with every part, and where it goes.

You can find out how to assemble your Triggertrap Shield here, so head over and take a look!

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