Cover photo by Valentino Valkaj.

During a long cold, hard British winter, the squirrels behind the scenes in the development office have been scurrying around collecting 'nuts' of information with which to update the Triggertrap Mobile app. But now spring has sprung and our latest update is blooming lovely!

Now in Portuguese.
Now in Portuguese.

New updates this time around:

Time and shutter speed sliders are now much easier to use and snap to the correct values when you select them in the fine adjust, so no more fiddling around trying to select the right time.

Timelapses now resume after a call comes through or switching away from the app.

We have created our own photo folder for when you use the internal camera, so you can easily find your photos in your main folder and not lose them in the camera roll!

Fixed a bug that messed up the triggering when going out of the app and coming back in.

Fixed a bug in the Peekaboo viewfinder.

Fixed a bug: Now handles location service errors, which means the app doesn't inundate you with alerts while in airplane mode.

Fixed a number of translation errors, but it's possible there are one or two still lurking, so if you spot any dodgy translations holler at us and we'll get them sorted.

New languages: Dutch and Portuguese!

Lots of little usability and interface fixes.

These, all combined, will make use of Triggertrap Mobile smoother and easier than ever!

Happy triggering, folks.

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