Header photo by Triggertrap User Sebastien Chaurin

Last week we announced our new Twitter chat, and next month we’re introducing a monthly Q&A on our Instagram page (@Triggertrap). Look at us launching stuff all over the place, we’re like a bloody rocket powered by photography fuel!

When is it?

It’ll be on the first of every month so that you can start every single month with some sexy new photography knowledge. It will start at 7pm BST or 2pm EDT and last around an hour, so make sure you don’t miss us!

How will it work?

Ask us questions on our Q&A Instagram post, which we’ll post at the beginning of the hour. We’ll use our expert knowledge to help you all out and give you tips to make sure you’re creating the best photography you possibly can.

Our first Q&A will be on star trails, so if there’s something you want to ask (and it doesn’t have to be related to our product!), then this is your chance. We’re also happy to answer general photography questions and give advice, so get involved!

Why are we doing this?

‘COS IT’S A GREAT IDEA. Also, because we think it’ll be fun and we want to create a pool of shared, community knowledge. We’re nerds like that. We encourage you to answer other people’s questions too, so if you’ve got a great tip for someone who has asked a question, go ahead and share it.

Excited? You should be!

Follow us on Instagram and make sure you get involved next month! Here's a few from our feed!