Cover photo by Maria Smith.

We were super excited yesterday to hear that Triggertrap was selected as a winner of this year's Smarta 100, together with O2 - meaning that they think us "one of the most resourceful, original, exciting and disruptive small businesses in the UK"!

Smarta is the UK’s leading online resource for start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs, so we were pretty bloody thrilled to hear what such experts had to say about us. But this is only the first chapter of our Smarta competition tale. The next part is down to our wonderful Triggertrap users. It turns out the top 10 businesses out of that 100 are selected through an open vote. You see where we're going with this, right?

Voting is caring

We need our users to show us a little love. Although we're not objected to hugs, wouldn't it be awesome if you voted us into the top ten? All you need to do is follow this link to our profile and click the bright and beautiful 'VOTE NOW' button. This list captures the cream of UK small business, but it would mean the world to us to come out on top of the Best Use Of Technology crowd for 2013. This may even win us some funds towards speed-launching that new product we keep hinting at...

Don't forget to vote before 8th November and stay tuned for the winner announcement later next month.