When you’re out shooting lots of long exposures or a long timelapse (or even shooting a short film on your DSLR), powering your camera can be problematic. These are all pretty power intensive activities so you’ll find yourself getting through lots of small camera battery packs.

The Tether Tools Case Relay powering up our camera for a video shoot!

The Tether Tools Case Relay system is an awesome alternative to carrying lots of small, low power batteries. The Case Relay system consists of three main parts. The first is the dummy battery, which sits in the camera and then takes a cable outside the camera body. This connects to the Case Relay. The Case Relay holds a 2000mah battery and acts as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) as well as the bridge to the power source. Finally, there’s the power source. You can connect the Case Relay to a USB battery pack or a USB power socket, providing plenty of options for powering the camera. You can stash a couple of 10000mah battery packs into your camera, which will provide up to five times the amount of power that one camera battery can provide, plus you'll be able to swap them out without missing crucial shots as the Case Relay's internal battery will keep the camera running.

We’ve been testing this neat bit of kit out for some of our video work, and not having to worry about swapping batteries is pretty awesome!