Holy cow, did we have an awesome year in 2012. Of course, we had a lot of awesome product-related news: We started to ship the TTv1, Triggertrap Shield for Arduino, the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle, Triggertrap Mobile for iOS and Tiggertrap Mobile for Android... But to be honest, products are only products.

What we're really excited about, is the photos and videos you awesome people are creating using our  products. There's something intensely humbling about photographers taking magnificent photographs with equipment we've made. Photos that are better than we'd ever taken ourselves. Photos that are better than we'd dream of. It just goes to show, that good products in the hand of great photographers make for amazing photos.

The 20 best Triggertrap photos of 2012

In our opinion, the best photo of 2012 is the picture above; Strawberry / Spoon / Milk, by Chris Martino (@ChrisMartino on Twitter). It was taken by using Triggertrap Mobile for iOS, set to the audio sensor. Awesome, eh?

Having said that, picking out a single winner was really really bloody difficult. We had a metric tonne of great contenders to pick from - if you want some additional morsels of inspiration, we created a special Flickr gallery with our 20 favourite Triggertrap photos of 2012. Well worth a peek!

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