Since our official launch on Monday, we've received an absolutely overwhelming response for the Triggertrap Mobile. Already, the reviews are pouring in, and we're happy to hear that they're mostly positive! The app is currently ranked with 4+ stars on the App Store. The people have spoken, and they love the Triggertrap Mobile! And we love our customers!

What they said...

Here are some of the responses we've been seeing about the Triggertrap Mobile:

"Five stars for making an app I've wanted for almost two years." - Money-ola

"Thank sweet baby Jesus, I've been waiting. Honestly, the guys behind this are genius. To the creators, Thank you so much, you are my heroes. I hope you all become billionaires you deserve it." - Millar Mar

"This device is like a triggering nirvana." - Daniela Bowker, Pixiq

"The Triggertrap mobile (and Triggertrap free) do something really simple and yet really clever." DIY Photography

"Just can't wait to use it with the dongle. dongle. dongle. love that word. Love Triggertrap. BOOM!" - yahtzeen

"A couple of these triggering modes are new and very cleverly make use of the iPhone’s super powers." -  Tyler Olson, Togtech

"Awesome! I just downloaded and spent my lunch time playing with all the modes. No crashes. Love all the triggering options, they thought of everything! Motion, sound, magnetic, time lapse any way you want. Proper HDR too. Even take pics on the road every set amount of distance. Only problem, I'm going to need a bigger hard drive to store all the playing around I do with this thing! Good job guys." - JRWeeks

"We've written about cable/app-based devices that let you trigger your camera with your iPhone before but Triggertrap Mobile could be one of the most sophisticated yet."Dan Havlik, Imaging Resource

"Fantastic addition to the Triggertrap, can't wait for next week when I finally get my hands on it. Great job with the polished interface." - Toekneewood

"While the idea of remotely triggering your DSLR camera isn’t exactly new, Triggertrap has introduced an interesting, low-cost iOS app and hardware combo that stands out with its numerous features." Brent Dirks, App Advice