Cover photo by Max Gennel.

We love our Flickr pool. It's so inspiring to browse through and see our users creating amazing photos that we ourselves didn't know were possible with the help of Triggertrap. So if you're struggling to think of new photography project ideas or are looking for a reason to purchase one of our awesome kits, take a look at the awe-inspiring projects from our users below. 

1. Photograph moving cars 

Max Gennel has mastered creating some interesting and unusual camera rigs to photograph moving cars. Take a look at our interview with Max below to find out how he does it.  

2. Aerial photography

Triggertrap Mobile's DistanceLapse mode is perfect for making road trip timelapses. But you can imagine our excitement when DJ Vegh from AerialSphere got in touch to let us know that he was using the GPS based timelapse mode to capture aerial photographs!

3. Teach your child high speed photography

Thanks to Triggertrap Mobile's easy-to-use interface, even the most complex of photography techniques become accessible. So much so that Eric Barger was able to teach his son Aiden how to capture some awesome high speed shots of water balloons bursting. 

4. Physiograms

With a wide range of long exposure modes, Triggertrap makes exposures using bulb mode easy as pie. And a photography project that long exposure is perfect for is light painting. It's such a simple technique with amazing results that you easily do from the comfort of your own home! Tim Gamble has become a bit of an expert in this field, check out his tutorial below.

5. Photograph the International Space Station

We were amazed when Aaron Harris told us that he used Triggertrap as part of his kit to photograph the International Space Station in transit. He told us that using Triggertrap allowed him to reduce his failure rate and get the shot he wanted every single time.

6. Make a photo booth triggered by vibration

There are a couple of sensor modes available in Triggertrap Mobile that seem like a clear choice for a photo booth: Peekabooth (facial recognition), and the Sound Sensor being the obvious ones. But what about using the Vibration Sensor? Jorn van Eck told us it was the perfect choice for his high striker booth as part of his work for Amnesty International.

7. Capture your own proposal

Mike Bons nearly made our little hearts overflow when he told us how he captured his proposal of marriage using Triggertrap. Find out just how he did it below.

8. Photograph an exploding light bulb

We've seen our fair share of high speed photos of smashing things here at Triggertrap. But how about combining that with a group portrait? Throw a cinematic element in there and you'll end up with an awesome shot just like the one by Joe Giacomet below.

Show us something we've never seen before!

If Triggertrap has helped you to create something weird and wonderful we want to hear from you. You can share your photos with us over on our Flickr pool, or get in touch with us by tagging us @Triggertrap and #Triggertrap over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thank you to all of the gifted photographers that have submitted to our Flickr pool over the years. You inspire us to create the camera triggers that you know and love, and we hope to see lots more from you!