Smartphones are great – how could we live without them? But sometimes you just need to have a bigger screen. Enter the trusty tablet. Both Triggertrap Mobile and Triggertrap Timelapse Pro work great with your iPad, and the bigger screen can make our apps even more of a pleasure to use.

The only downside to using a tablet with Triggertrap Mobile is that, handy as it is, your Phonetrap isn’t quite big enough to secure your iPad to your hotshoe. But never fear, our buddies over at Tether Tools have a really neat solution that lets you mount your tablet directly onto the leg of your tripod!

The Tether Tools mount holding an iPad running Triggertrap Mobile to a Three Legged Things tripod.

Why would I need to use Triggertrap with iPad?

Here are three scenarios where using a tablet with Triggertrap gives your shoots that little extra pizazz you were looking for:

1. Complex sequences on Triggertrap Timelapse Pro 

Triggertrap Timelapse Pro makes building awesome modular timelapses a breeze, but sometimes the sequences can get pretty complex, and you can end up with quite a few of them! The extra screen real estate on a tablet makes building these sequences a dream.

Triggertrap Timelapse Pro on an iPad Mini with Tether Tools iPad Utility Mounting Kit

2. Family portraits 

The Peekaboo mode on Triggertrap Mobile for iOS is a bundle of fun, and is a great way to take photos of you and your family without the kerfuffle of a self timer. By using the Tether Tools iPad Utility Mounting Kit you can secure your iPad directly underneath your camera to use as an extra-large viewfinder.

The Peekaboo mode on Triggertrap Mobile makes it super easy to capture family photos

3. Wi-Fi triggering 

With your iPad secured to the leg of your tripod, why not try out Wi-Fi triggering? This way, your iPad can act as the Wi-Fi slave, and your smartphone as the master, transforming your phone into a wireless remote control. In wildlife photography, for example, Wi-Fi triggering allows you to walk away from your set up so as not to put off any unsuspecting prey. The same also goes for catching friends and family members red-handed! 

The WiFi mode on Triggertrap Mobile on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever used Triggertrap on a tablet?

We’d love to hear what you think. Let us know by tagging us #Triggertrap and @Triggertrap on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you’ve taken any wonderful photos with Triggertrap lately that you haven’t shared, we want to see them over on our Flickr pool.