Another question that comes up frequently, is whether the Triggertrap V1 can be used to trigger a flash instead of a camera. The answer is "Yes", and here's how to do it...

Bits you'll need:

Hooking it all up is simple: Wire the 3.5mm mini jack to the Flash Hot Shoe adapter. Then connect your flash to the flash hot shoe adapter. When the Triggertrap V1 triggers, your flash will fire. Simple!

WARNING: Please note that the Triggertrap V1 only supports modern flashes. Older flashes and studio strobes can send voltages of over 600 v through the Triggertrap V1, and it is not designed to handle that; you will probably fry your V1 in the process. Even worse, if you have your camera attached to your Triggertrap V1 at the same time as your flash, it may cause damage to your camera as well. If you aren't sure whether your flash sends a high-power jolt through its hot-shoe, please do not use it with the Triggertrap V1.