Cover photo by Kelvin Trundle.

Wehave some good news for all our British users. We're based in the UK (in the fair city of Bristol) but previously we've not sold our products directly from here. Well, that has now changed. You can now buy Triggertrap Mobile Dongle kits from, and they will be sent from the UK, so you can have them in your grubby mitts tomorrow.

Prices start from £20.99 for the dongle on its own, and they're sent directly by Amazon from sunny Milton Keynes, so the shipping is cheap (free with Amazon Prime) and fast.

A Triggertrap Mobile Dongle was already a great present for all your photography-loving friends and family, but now that the Triggertrap Mobile app for iOS and Android is free, a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle is the perfect Christmas present.

Now you can be sure you'll have one in time for Christmas by buying it from the UK. All you need to do is choose their camera from the list here and click on the link and it'll soon be winging its way to you. The app is even in British English, so all the "U"s and "S"s will be in their proper places.