Cover photo by Dave James.

If you paid attention in the beginning of December, you'll have spotted that the price of our iOS and Android apps dropped to zero. As we said at the time, this was for the holidays, because, after all, it makes a lot more sense to be able to give a present, without your lucky recipient also having to fork over cash to Apple's app store or Google Play.

$500,000 worth of free apps... And counting!

In the time that the app has been free, we gave away more than half a million dollars worth of free apps, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from our customers, our distributors, and and everybody else (except our bank manager, who would have preferred that half-a-million dollars in our bank account, instead of in your pockets).

We are proud of our apps. We've worked hard on our apps. And we believe that if you have a play with the app, you'll see how it works, and why it's a good idea to buy the hardware, so you can use it with your SLR or advanced compact camera.

So, we've decided to keep Triggertrap Mobile for Android and Triggertrap Mobile for iOS completely free, forever.

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