The hardware for the Triggertrap Shield has been completed for a long time (as per the instructions for how to build your own, of course), and we've been testing with it for a while, but we had two different sets of source codes for the two devices. Obviously, that is less than ideal, because what happens when someone releases an awesome new feature for one, but not for the other? Because of that, we wanted to make sure that the source code both for the Triggertrap TTv1 (that's the red device with the touch-sensitive buttons) and the TT-K (the K stands for Kit; it's what we've been calling the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino internally) is the same.

Today, we finally got there: The codes are the same, and changing from one device to another is simply a case of changing:

  #define TT_SHIELD


//  #define TT_SHIELD

Or vice-versa.  If that looks a little weird to you; in the top version, we are declaring that we are working with the shield version, and in the bottom line, we are commenting out that declaration. That means that as far as the Arduino compiler is concerned, that line of code doesn't exist.

Anyway; it was the last piece of the puzzle for the Triggertrap Shield, and I've been testing it a load over the last few days. Both the TTv1 and the TT-k are now operating exactly the same way!


Roll on production!

That also means that we're ready to place the order for the Triggertrap Shield from Seeed Studios, the factory that's creating our Triggertraps for us.

"Hey, you haven't ordered the shields yet? Does that mean another delay?", I hear you cry. Well; the truth is that the Triggertrap Shield is a much simpler device for several reasons: The main point is that it only uses one part especially created for the device; the LCD display that is also currently holding back the Triggertrap (the displays are scheduled for delivery to the factory on March 15th). All the other parts are off-the-shelf parts, and because you have to build the Shield for Arduino yourself, it means that there is no production delay either.

I'll get back to you all with a more precise timeline, but I would be very surprised if the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino shipped after the normal Triggertraps; as I mentioned, it's the LCD displays that are slowing things down, so when they arrive, we should be ready to boogie!

Stay awesome,

~ Haje & the rest of team Triggertrap.