Cover photo by Tom Roeleveld.

Who's ready for round two? Last week we had some awesome screamgrab shots from you guys submitted to our Flickr pool, but now we're hungry to see what else you can do. Today our Android 2.0 Beta app is getting an HDR update! This is the mode that we have had the most requests for from our test group, eager to have one of their old favourites back but with our sexy new interface.

Please bear in mind that the HDR settings on the Beta does not currently have any sort of sanity check boundaries on the settings you can choose. What this means is that it will allow you to choose values such as 19 exposures with a central exposure of 1/16 of a second, which as you can imagine is impossible for your camera to achieve as the shortest exposure value will be too short. This means you just need to double check your settings yourself before you start shooting.

This week's Triggertrap Tuesday

This update brings us pleasantly on to this week's competition:

This week, win 30% off in our shop by submitting your LE HDR photo of a meal to our Flickr pool with the title 'Triggertrap Tuesday Dinner'. You have between 12pm BST on Tuesday the 17th September to 12pm BST on Wednesday 18th September (Find out what time that is where you are) to submit your photo to our Flickr pool.

Food photography sounds so very easy, but to make your dinner look as appetising as it does when it's sitting in front of you smelling like heaven on a plate can be surprisingly challenging. We want to see your food glistening and steamy and swirling in sauce, or we want to see it crumbling and covered in icing, or we want to see the outline of every grain of rice in all its high definition glory. It has to at least beat our Instagram cake shots for attractiveness (not to be scoffed at).

So what are you waiting for? That affordable Arduino shield or flash adapter is just one photo away! Well, technically at least 3 if we're talking LE HDR... But it's all the same to us!

The Small Print: Prize can be redeemed against goods in the Triggertrap Shop. Cannot be used with other offers, and prize does not include shipping. If you already have lots of Triggertrap kit, well, that just means you’re extra lucky, and your Christmas shopping is sorted!

Last week's winner!

And lastly, a congratulations to last week's winner of our £50 prize to Terry Naylor for his film noir style scream grab. Nice one Terry!