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2013 was an incredible year for Triggertrap. With the feedback received from our users we have come on leaps and bounds in the development of our products. Our team has grown and so has the number of photographers out there who are taking incredible photographs with Triggertrap. In fact, seeing what you all get up to with Triggertrap products and watching the Triggertrap community grow has probably been the most rewarding aspect of the past year. So here are our picks for some of the Triggertrap community's best of 2013...

Best Primelapse Submissions

There were so many excellent and varying submissions to Primelapse (our super-fun timelapse curation site) that we couldn't choose just one winner - so here's our three favourites!

A Day In May

I'm sure you'll agree this video by Andy Schonfelder and Alastair Dicks (Light and Time Productions) is an excellent choice. It features a stunning combination of shots that feel somewhere between nature photography and cinema. Never mind a day in May; we're sure this took the entire month!


This gorgeous timelapse by Scientifantastic is proof that an eye for finding perfect viewpoints, a camera, tripod, and Triggertrap's timelapse-triggering trickery is all you need to get amazing results.

Making the Leadenhall Building

Paul Rafferty and Dan Lowe haven't wasted a moment of the time it took to make the Leadenhall Buildling. This is a great example of a timelapse focused around a particular point instead of sweeping through an area.

Flickr Pool Contributor of the Year


Loren Lewis definitely stands out as the Flickr pool member who has returned on a regular basis with photos that always manage to be better than the last batch. On top of that, the image titles never fail to entertain!

Best use of Triggertrap v1

Walter Scriptunas II

Walter Scriptunas II photographs NASA rocket launches for a living, and he does it using multiple Triggertrap v1 units. Even we didn't know our hardware could withstand this kind of heat! What this stunning photography shows is that there really are uses for being able to set up a trigger with your camera before getting far, far away and letting your equipment do its thing.

Best Long Exposure Photo

'Some sparkler business' by Tim Gamble

Tim Gamble has been playing around with long exposure photos and light painting for months now. This carefully composed and colourful number is a true delight.

Best LE HDR Photo

'Blue Steel' by City Chimp

LE HDR is often an underrated and misunderstood form of photography but as City Chimp - king of finding the perfect location - proves here, it really can get more out of a scene than a single frame can.

Best Splash! Photo

By James Huntsman

So many colours flowing through this one splash! Make more please James! Thanks.

Best Portrait Photo

'water spill lampshade' by Loren Lewis

This is just too much fun. Not quite the use of Triggertrap we were expecting for a portrait, but that just makes it all the sweeter.

Best Star Trail Photo

'St Huberts Church' by Russ Valentine

An excellent example of how to incorporate star trail photography into your shot and make your night scene that bit more magical.

Best Balloon Pop Photo

'Boom [Explore]' by Giorgio Stellini

Now that's what we call perfect timing!

Best Sound Trigger Photo

By Alex Molick

Possibly our favourite method of scrambling eggs. It's the drawn-on faces that complete the fun and inventiveness of this photo!

Best Wildlife Photo

By Mike Bons

Thanks for showing us that the Triggertrap hardware is even faster than we had hoped!

Forum Member of the Year

Stephen Hersee

Stephen, you're often even faster at replying to other forum members' posts than we are. Looking for a link to a certain Triggertrap Tutorial? Ask this guy.

Twitter Follower of the Year

Jim Campbell (@JustJimWillDo)

Jim, no one quite shares the Triggertrap Twitter love or sends us love in return as much as you do - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Facebook Page Member of the Year

Gabriel Olude

Always quick off the mark to like or share our posts. If we're leaving excited comments about your awesome photos, so is this guy!

G+ Community Member of the Year

Michele Cordoni

You are one helpful guy. There are few places more in need of community help and user feedback than on our Beta Test Community on Google+, but Michele is always ready to pitch in!

Open Source Adviser of the Year

Aaron from Cocoa Controls

Aaron, if it wasn't for your review of our Triggertrap CocoaPod, things wouldn't be quite the same!

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