Ever since Triggertrap Mobile for iOS 2.0 launched sans Motion sensor, we have had a steady flow of emails asking us when this mode will return. We apologise to our poor Triggertrap users who must have an enormous backlog of pouncing cat portraits which they are just a little keen to start shooting - regardless of willing cat participation. Well we're sorry, kitty, but the time has come.

Triggertrap Mobile 2.2 with Motion Sensoriphone_4-inch_screenshot_1

Motion Sensor works similarly to our other sensor modes, and rather similarly to Peekaboo mode. Whereas peekaboo uses your internal camera to recognise faces, with Motion you select the number of objects you would like to trigger your camera and then press the big red button to start tracking! Pretty neat, right?

Remember, if you set any sensor delays when you were last using a sensor mode, they will apply here too; so if things aren't working as expected that might well be why!

One last thing: Motion Sensor does not currently store images taken by the internal camera on your iOS device. I could explain why but the answer is so tech-heavy you would probably get bored halfway through and wander off like a distracted feline - and I wouldn't blame you. Rest assured that if we find a way to enable the internal camera, it shall be yours.

If you have any questions or feedback, we're here to listen! We'd love to see you post in our forum or email us at hello@triggertrap.com

Triggertrap Mobile 2.2 for iOS is available in the App Store now.