Cover photo by Wesley Edwards.

We've been listening closely to what you all have to say since our big app update, prioritising on what our users would like to see the app do the most and fixing any tricky software issues. Here's what we're bringing you this time...

Sensor Delay

After an unprecedented number of requests, we've integrated the delay before trigger on sensor modes back into the app, allowing you to set a delay from a millisecond to a few seconds in before your shutter is triggered.

Peekaboo Mode

You can now use the internal camera on your iOS device to capture portraits with our facial recognition mode. The mode allows you to select how many faces you want it to recognise in the frame (up to 5) and allows you to switch between the front and back cameras. Now you see how that Sensor Delay  might come in handy. Five... four... three... two... smile!

Our clever iOS developer Ross has also managed to fix a whole bunch of bugs that our users were letting us know about, including some important crash bugs. Triggertrap Mobile 2.1.0 update will hopefully now run smooth as the bonnet of a porsche.

You can find the update in the App store. If you have any feedback or ideas on what you would find a useful addition to Triggertrap Mobile, feel free to let us know in our forum! You can view the photos from our own Peekabooth at GPP London right here.