Cover photo by Tanya Musgrave

At Triggertrap we love ourselves a bit of Sugru, so there's not much that we love more than seeing Sugru used inventively along side our kit!

Sugru is a fantastic material that you can form by hand which moulds like play-dough, sticks to just about anything and after being left over night will set into a strong and flexible rubber-like silicone. It's amazingly useful for fixing things that are broken, or simply improving things that aren't broken!

This awesome submission to the Sugru Gallery shows a really smart way of mounting your smart phone (running the Triggertrap Mobile App, of course) to your tripod. Karin is using Sugru to secure a small magnet to her tripod leg that then allows her to attach her iPhone (in a case with a metal plate) to the leg of her tripod! Sugru even sell a kit including a magnet, so half the work is done for you.

"I finished adding a new mod to my Frankenpod: A magnetic remote control holder.

"My iPhone acts as the remote for my camera (via Triggertrap). It already has a metal plate attached to its back to hold it in the car on the Mountek dashboard holder, so I added a magnet to my tripod with Sugru, and now I can put my hands in my pockets while doing LE photography. Yay!"

Karin from Canada

Karin has found a simple and affordable solution for holding your smart device to your tripod; it doesn't take up any extra space in your bag, it holds the phone securely with no mechanical parts to go wrong, and so long as you have your tripod to hand you'll have a great way of mounting your phone to it.

If you like the look of this, you might want to check out the Sugru 'For Photography' page for a load more ways of using Sugru to hack your photography kit!