Hi! We're Triggertrap, and we're looking for a fantastically brilliant Operations Trainee to join our expanding team. And what does an Operations Trainee do, you ask? Read on!

We aren't looking for anyone with any specific experience, and we're very excited about training you in the dark and mysterious arts of operations. So - what is Operations? In a nutshell, Operations is the part of the company that keeps the lights on, the warehouses full, and everything running smoothly. The Operations Trainee will report to the Head of Operations and assist in all aspects of keeping Triggertrap's distributors, resellers and direct customers happy.

By the end of your training, you'll have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single unit of Triggertrap hardware. You will be the first point of call for distributors placing orders, you'll create their invoices, and you'll (hopefully only sometimes) chase them for payment. You'll be the superhero dealing with queries relating to missing shipments (they happen - but you'll know why and exactly how to fix it). You'll know exactly which of our products are in stock, where they are in the world and where they're heading. You'll keep the right warehouses in stock at the right times and nothing will ever take you by surprise. You'll be responsible for the day-to-day running of our thriving online store, and you'll be full of ideas for how we can make it run even better. You'll also be measuring every aspect of the operations side of the business and making sure that we're heading in the right direction.

Does that sound like fun? Good, because few things are quite as satisfying as making sure that a company is running smoothly - and you're going to be a crucial part of that!

We'd be pretty lost without the hardware sales side of our business, and our Operations Trainee will ensure that we maintain our reputation as a great company to buy hardware from. We deliver great products as quickly and efficiently as is humanly possible - and you can help us do it!

The traineeship is a full-time, paid, 6-month contract based at in our London office (in King’s Cross). At the end of your 6-month traineeship, the intention is to offer you a full-time, permanent position as our Operations Champion, at which point you'll gradually receive more and more responsibilities for the tasks you've been trained in.

About Triggertrap

We’re a pretty new company, born from a wildly successful Kickstarter project in July 2011. Our flagship product is Triggertrap Mobile, a combination of hardware and mobile apps that lets you trigger your SLR from your smartphone in loads of different ways. This shot into the top five in the App Store charts around the world, and has now been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Most recently we ran another massively successful Kickstarter campaign for Triggertrap Ada, a new kind of modular camera trigger that is set to revolutionise high speed and camera trap photography. Our products have been featured everywhere from DPReview and Petapixel to Engadget, Forbes and the Observer, with universally positive press reviews. We have a pipeline of new products coming up that are going to take even more sectors of the photography world by storm.

We manufacture and distribute our products and tech to customers in more than 150 countries around the world and have exclusive distributors in 20 of them - and that number is set to grow very, very quickly. We sell a range of Triggertrap Mobile kits and camera connection cables, as well as our Triggertrap Flash Adapter - and that's before Triggertrap Ada and its associated sensors have even launched. With tens of thousands of Triggertrap Mobile Dongles currently in the wild, Triggertrap hardware is a serious part of our business.

About you

A successful applicant to our Ops Champion job should be able to transport 10 crates of beer on a hilariously small motorbike. Ok, not really.
A successful applicant to our Ops Champion job should be able to transport 10 crates of beer on a hilariously small motorbike. Ok, not really.
  • You have - and this can't be emphasised enough - a fanatical attention to detail. The little things are the biggest issues to you, and you consider your meticulous nature a point of great pride.
  • You're incredibly organised and fastidious. The fact that this list isn't in alphabetical order probably annoys you immensely.
  • You're *into* spreadsheets, in quite an intimate way. You'll be using Google Spreadsheets almost every day and you'll know all sorts of fancy tricks to get them working just the way you want. You'll also be able to write a mean report and illustrate it with some truly epic graphs.
  • You have a good understanding of e-commerce and the sort of things that people shopping online really want from an online shop.
  • You're a self-starter who is full of ideas. You know what we could be doing better and you're just itching to tell us!
  • You're a great communicator - especially in written form. You'll be dealing with our distribution partners on a daily basis and they need to know they're dealing with someone who's on top of everything at all times, so your people skills, spelling, and grammar had better be top notch.

What we offer

  • The chance to work at a fast-growing, profitable startup.
  • A six-month trainee contract with a view to permanent employment.
  • Our trainee salary is £18,000pa (Pro Rata).
  • Friday beers. Drinks are on us!

How to apply

All applications are done via Recruiterbox - please apply via this link.

NO AGENCIES! Any agency that contacts us in relation to this or any other position will be blacklisted and reported to the ICO. No, seriously.