Wearables Competition

These days, a watch is so much more than a device for telling the time. It can monitor your heart rate, display your text messages, and it can even trigger your camera. Yes, you heard right: with Triggertrap's Wearables mode you can trigger your camera from right there on your wrist. And, in honour of wearable tech we are holding a Wearables competition giving you guys the chance to win!

Tell me more!

We are running a Wearables competition for the next two weeks, starting today (17th August 2015) and finishing on 31st August 2015. At the end of the fortnight, three lucky winners will get the chance to win all the Triggertrap gear they need to shoot with their Apple Watch or Pebble smartwatch.

Triggertrap Mobile app on an Apple Watch.

Three ways to enter! 

Entering the competition is easy as pie - there are three methods to choose from, and you can even enter using all three ways. Just remember you can only win once, you cheeky thing.


To enter our Wearables competition on Facebook all you have to do is share this post here and comment on it answering the question, What would you shoot using Triggertrap and Wearables? 


To enter the competition on Twitter, retweet this Tweet and reply, or just quote our Tweet with the answer to the question, What would you shoot using Triggertrap and Wearables?  


To enter the competition on Instagram, like this post and comment on it answering the question, What would you shoot using Triggertrap and Wearables?  

What would you shoot using Triggertrap and Wearables?

We want to hear your most creative set up ideas. Don't forget you can use Wearables on either Triggertrap Mobile or Triggertrap Timelapse Pro on an iOS device with Apple Watch, and Android users can use Pebble devices to trigger their cameras. The lucky winners won't just win all the Triggertrap gear they need to capture their shot, but once you've gone out and taken your shot we'd love to feature it over on our blog! 

Here's some ideas to get you in the mood:

You could use Triggertrap and Wearables to create a photo booth with a twist. Give the participants a smartwatch and suddenly they have full control over when the photo is taken. Or if you are feeling particularly cheeky, keep the smartwatch and take control yourself. 

Photo booth using Triggertrap Mobile at Mini Maker Faire.

Triggertrap Wearables mode is great for light painting and wire wool spinning, just like Calvin Munhnweyi's shot below. You can get yourself into position and trigger the camera from your wrist when you are ready - no need for self-timer! 

Wire wool spinning using Triggertrap Mobile. Photo by Calvin Munhuweyi.

Long exposures are a breeze with Wearables. You can leave your phone safely set up on your camera with your Phonetrap, settle down and trigger the shot from your smartwatch. James Poston's awesome photo below is a great example of the effects that long exposure can bring to a landscape photo. 

Long exposure using Triggertrap Mobile. Photo by James Poston.

The Small Print: There will be three winners in total. Shoot ideas have to be submitted before the closing date of 13:00 (GMT) on 31st August 2015. Only one prize per entrant. Multiple submissions allowed per entrant across all three platforms. The prize is not refundable, nor exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services.