Our friend Mike Bons contacted us on our Facebook page, and told us he was super excited about some photos he had recently captured. We took a look, and we can easily see why! By using the Triggertrap Mobile's Wi-Fi slave mode, Mike was able to get much closer to the animals he was trying to photograph than he normally could. He initially purchased Triggertrap Mobile with the idea of using it with the HDR and Star Trails functionality - but as he started exploring, he discovered some other cool things.

"I find I am using several other functions", Mike says, and explains that he tried out the Wi-Fi slave mode for wildlife photography. "Knowing that this Eastern Bluebird often comes to this cedar post I set the camera up on a tripod, manually focused on the post and triggered it wireless from a distance. This allowed me to get much closer than I normally could even with a blind.", he explains.

The setup used was a Canon 7D and 5D connected to an iPad Mini via Triggertrap Mobile, using the Wi-Fi slave mode and triggered by the iPhone - and then Mike went above and beyond, sharing a setup shot with us as well! What a legend.

Triggertrap Mobile and an iPad Mini? Perfect for wildlife photography!
Triggertrap Mobile and an iPad Mini? Perfect for wildlife photography!

And the results? They look amazing:

Check out Mike Bons' full gallery of photos on his Zenfolio site, and keep an eye on his work on his Flickr and Facebook pages, too.

Thank you so much for sharing, Mike! Awesome stuff!!

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