About me

I am a Fine Art Landscape Photographer based in the San Francisco East Bay. I was born in Italy in 1968, where I lived for the first 36 years of my life, and yes, I am another one of those that got his first camera from his grandfather as a kid. But I did not connect with photography right away. Passion developed a little later, when I started to travel.

My curiosity to explore the world found in my camera, and in my Velvia 50 slides, an ideal place to be captured and saved. At that time though, I did not have any interest in sharing my images.

Photography was for me, for me only. I took a different path that led me to the corporate world, where I spent 15 years working in Marketing and Communications. My last corporate appointment as VP Marketing & Communications of Ferrari North America, brought me to the States and more precisely to New York City... ...where every dream can come true... I have always known that I was not a corporate guy, but for a long time I thought that if I was going to let my passion for photography become my profession, I was going to loose the passion for it. I was wrong!

Photography is my escape. Since my very first pictures I found special connection with nature.
I express my creativity through simple and clean images. The use of very long exposures helps me to create minimalistic compositions and to represent my vision and interpretation of a place. I aim to shoot images that can transfer a peaceful and serene state of mind. I pursue natural beauty and try to capture unique timeless images with the objective to inspire people in Nature Conservation. Photography keeps me searching!

How & Why I Use Triggertrap

I started to use Triggertrap mobile about a year and half ago. I often use neutral density filters to achieve very long exposures, and Triggertrap helps me with a very accurate calculator for the right exposure time and of course with the Timed Release mode. I usually install my phone over my camera, so that I always have my exposure time under control. It’s just seamless!

Connect with Attilio

Website: http://www.attilioruffo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/attilioruffophotography
Instagram: https://instagram.com/AttilioRuffoPhotography
500PX: https://500px.com/attilioruffo

Photos Taken with Triggertrap Kit