About Me

My name is Gavin Pickford, I live in a town called Franschhoek which is in Cape Town, South Africa.

I work on a horse stud farm breeding thoroughbred racehorse. The farm is located on a beautiful wine estate just outside Franschhoek town.

I started photography about 4 years ago after relocating back home from New Zealand but at that time it was only mobile photography (iPhone). I then got myself a DSLR camera about a year ago (Canon 650D) and have been learning the craft as I go. I am self taught but ask plenty questions if I'm stuck and play with as many settings as possible to learn what they all do. I love doing long exposures and night photography but my main passion is landscape photography.

How & Why I Use Triggertrap

I use the Triggertrap device quite a lot to either do star trails or HDR shots at low light. I find it very useful for low light landscapes as it brings out the details and highlights the shadows.Its great for star trails because I can set it up to how ever many shots at whatever exposure I want and go and sit down and leave it to do its work.


TT: What do you love most about photography now that you’ve upgraded to a DSLR?

GP: What I love about DSLR photography is that you have full control of all the settings,which gives you freedom to choose the shot you want,sometimes you want to overexposed an image,mobile is just point and shoot,although the new mobiles give you more control.

TT: Have you developed any top tips for HDR photography?

GP: I found the best bet  with HDR is to take at least 5 shots of different exposures. I then choose 3 or 4 of those images that blend best to create my final product.

TT: What was it that got you hooked on landscape photography?

GP: I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of South Africa with great landscapes all around me all day.So landscape photography was easy for me to start,and I have grown to love it.

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Photos Taken with Triggertrap Kit