About Me

My names Tim Gamble and I am a light painter from Greater Manchester, England.

I purchased a Triggertrap Mobile Kit to enable me to do daytime long exposures of flowing water, cloud movement and the like. 

Then I discovered light painting and I have been hooked ever since.

I use many techniques and tools to create my images and they are created without the use of photoshop but always using my Triggertrap in one way or another. Be it Simple Cable Release, Sound Sensor or paired with my off camera flash and the Flash Adaptor. 

Nothing beats the feeling of going out into the darkness of the woods or a good tunnel with a bag of lights and my camera.  Creating another world and a photograph which never happened.  I find it magical and I can't see that ever changing.

How & Why I Use Triggertrap

This form of photography has taken over my life.   I'm either creating light paintings or looking at the work of others around the globe and its all thanks to my awesome Triggertrap which started the ball rolling in the first place, allowing me to exceed my cameras maximum 30 second exposure.

 I also use the Triggertrap mobile flash adaptor.  I used it to create the waterdroplet/pcb double exposure using the sound sensor mode to trigger my flash.  The sound sensor also comes in very handy if I need to fire the flashgun at a particular time during the exposure.  A quick clap of the hands or a cough works a treat.

I look forward to exploring more of the functionality of Triggertrap, next up is incorporating star trails and light painting which I can't wait to do.


TT: What was it that got you first hooked on light painting?

TG: I got into long exposure photography first.  The usual waterfall and cloud movement kind of shots.  I then purchased a book about digital photography and it had a short page on lightpainting.  I googled it and came across Denis Smith's 'ball of light' documentary.  That's all I needed to see.
I purchased my Triggertrap and started waving lights around in the dark.  Ever since then I have been hooked.  Flickr was a great place at the time for lp.  The community were really helpful and inspiring and that remains the case today.  I came across a group on Flickr called Optical Nirvana and it blew my mind.  I remember staring in awe at the screen trying to work out how such effects could be achieved in camera.  From then on its been my driving force to improve and try to be innovative enough to get my images into that group.  
The light painting community all seem to be cut from the same cloth and everyone tends to get on and feedback is always plentiful.  It's a great group to be part of.

TT: Do you have a favourite light tool that you use to create your light painting photos?

TG: Probably my favourite tool when I go out light painting is my camera rotation tool.  This allows me to rotate the camera around the axis of the lens around 360 degrees during a long exposure.  It's the most versatile tool in my arsenal and opens up so many avenues of expression.  Rgb led lights of various incarnations are always out with me, be they orb tools, dome tools or diy torches.  Making new tools is a large part of light painting and offers infinite possibilities of creating something individual and different from the crowd.  
Saying that having a healthy and vivid imagination is the key to producing great images as that is the only limitation on what can be achieved. 

TT: Do you scout out locations for light painting prior to a shoot, or just see where it takes you?

TG: I'm always on the look out for places to light paint.  It's no less important than daytime photography to choose an area with lots of interest.

I tend to look for tunnels, caves and other dark places.  The major drawback to light painting is the summer months when I'd doesn't get dark till late.  This is where a good tunnel comes into its own.  Full of character, textures and above all darkness.

Google earth is good for a recce before visiting somewhere and other light painters are always sharing decent spots too.  You also find a great many places just looking through images of daytime photographs which you know would make for a great spot for some after dark light waving.

Connect with Tim

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fadetoblacklp/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fade-to-Black-Light-Art

Photos Taken with Triggertrap Kit