Welcome to your Triggertrap V1

Thank you for buying a Triggertrap device - this is where the fun begins!

Here's a few things you may want to take a look at:

  1. The User Manual which will teach you how you can use your Triggertrap.
  2. The FAQ, which answers all your questions! Well, most of them anyway...
  3. The Triggertrap Flickr Group, for inspiration. Please feel free to post your photos there, too!
  4. The Triggertrap Source-code is available for download via GitHub.
  5. If you're not too familiar with Arduino and such, we've created a guide for how to update your Triggertrap firmware, too.

Stay in touch

There are a few different ways you can stay in touch with the Triggertrap gang. :

Need help?

The user manual is pretty decent, and the FAQ tends to answer the rest of the questions, but if you're going to get all advanced, chances are you'll sooner or later run into a question or two you'll want answered. Don't worry - we've got you covered.

A couple of warnings (or: the small print)

The Triggertrap is optically isolated from your camera, which gives your camera some protection. If you use the Triggertrap on its own with a camera, you should be fine. However:

  • Never connect an old flash to the Triggertrap. The Triggertrap only supports modern flashes. Older flashes and studio strobes can send voltages of over 600 v through the Triggertrap, and it is simply not designed to handle that; you will probably fry your Triggertrap in the process. Even worse, if you have your camera attached to your Triggertrap at the same time as your flash, it may cause damage to your camera as well. If you aren't sure whether your flash sends a high-power jolt through its hot-shoe, do not use it with the Triggertrap.
  • Don't connect a flash and a camera to the Triggertrap at the same time The triggering circuits on your camera aren't designed to take the potentially high-voltage jolts from a flash. Either use a camera or a flash with the Triggertrap; not both.
  • You use the Triggertrap at your own risk The Triggertrap is a DIY and hacker-friendly project, but due to the nature of its hacker-friendliness, it is possible to upload code to the Triggertrap that could harm your camera, your Triggertrap, or the mental stability of your pet hamster. We've tested the Triggertrap in as many scenarios as we could think of, and haven't had any problems, but please note that you use the Triggertrap completely at your own risk.