About Us

Triggertrap Ltd was founded in 2011, and was brought to life through crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Based in the UK, our flagship smartphone-based camera triggering solution, Triggertrap Mobile, has been downloaded more than 750,000 times and is in use by thousands of photographers in more than a hundred different countries. 

Explore the site and you’ll find a comprehensive guide to all of our past and present products. Enjoy!

Meet the Team

I’m sure you’re curious about who these mysterious (mostly-)humans are, so without further ado – an introduction to Team Triggertrap…

Mat Rodger - Managing Director

Mat is the Managing Director at Triggertrap and is based in London. He joined the team from the world of publishing, having spent the previous few years working with some of the more weird and wonderful books ever published (ask him about Afterlives of the Rich and Famous one day).

Drink of Choice: Kronenbourg 1664 (Grand, s’il vous plait)
Favourite Food: A dirtygreasyburger
Also on: Twitter

Did you know: Mat knows more about Radiohead than you do. Fact.

Ross Gibson - CTO

Ross is an app developer with a passion for all things Apple. Working from the Bristol office he contributes to the Triggertrap mobile apps and day-to-day Triggertrap life. He has a background in physics and loves to tinker, learn and improve things. He is also an avid motocross rider and general extreme sport fan-boy, keen to give most things a go.

Drink of ChoiceHenry Westons Vintage a.k.a. Blacktop
Favourite Food: Homemade salami and rocket pizza
Also on: Instagram

Did you know: Ross once accidentally shot a nail straight through his own hand. 



Helena Vieira - Head of Marketing and Community

Helena is our number one person reaching out to all our delightful Triggertrap users and making sure they get more information, help and inspiration than they can shake a stick at. She makes sure that our Facebook and Twitter are kept full of inspirations and Triggertrap users’ photos.

Drink of ChoiceBuffalo Trace, with a solitary ice cube.
Favourite Food: Cozido (but only the way mumma cooks it)
Also on: LinkedInTwitter

Did you know: Helena was once mistaken for the Iranian princess by a mad man on a train.

Thomas Langley - Head of Photography

Thomas probably learnt how to hold a camera before he learnt how to spell his name. He is our in-house photography expert and along with trying to break things, he spends a bit too much time in the studio and out and about actually breaking things, photographing our products, working on cool marketing ideas and managing our PR. When he’s not thinking of cool new photo shoot ideas for Triggertrap, he spends his time as a freelance photographer or eating his way around various street food stands in London.

Drink of Choice: Cuba Libre
Favourite Food: A fine bacon sandwich, on thick white bread with a dollop of brown sauce
Also on: TwitterInstagram

Did you know: Thomas once worked as an underwater baby portrait photographer

Rich Harley - Head of Product

Rich is a photographer from Bristol, and is in charge of making sure Triggertrap products are as awesome as they can be. Talking to customers to find out what they want, and taking some of our crazy ideas and working out how to turn them in to reality is all part and parcel of Rich’s day. Outside of Triggertrap, Rich is an aviation and commercial photographer.

Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned
Favourite Food: Steak! Rare, please.
Also on: TwitterInstagramFacebook

Did you know: Rich is qualified to make announcements in German airports.

Valentin Kalchev - iOS Developer

Valentin is an app developer with previous experience in quality assurance and games development. He loves creating apps for the iOS platform but has also worked on Windows Phone and Android apps. Given his background as a QA Engineer, he is always aiming for quality and explores even the tiniest flaw that his code might have.

Drink of ChoiceHomemade Rakia
Favourite FoodPad Thai and Tripe soup
Also on:LinkedinTwitter

 Did you know: Valentin once worked as a machinist! He’s qualified to work with chrome, nickel, aluminium and plastics!

Helin Resuli - Customer Support and Content Manager

Helin is the face of our Customer Support, and works as part of the Marketing Team. She is working to keep Triggertrap customers happy by answering any queries about the fantastic products that we have to offer! Outside of Triggertrap Helin likes to dabble in photography and wander around exhibitions in London.

Drink of Choice: Pina Colada
Favourite Food: Olives
Also on: TwitterLinkedInFlickr

Did you know: Helin has had her photography work displayed in galleries in London and Bournemouth.

Daniela Bowker–Operations Manager

Daniela is responsible for ensuring that wherever in the world you want to buy a Triggertrap, there's a Triggertrap to buy. As consequence, she has now developed an unhealthy obsession for spreadsheets, to join that of shoes and ice cream. When Daniela isn't working for Triggertrap, she writes books about photography, edits the Photocritic website, and cooks. A lot.

Drink of choice: Gin and tonic (not Gordon's, not slimline)
Favourite food: Anything she makes herself
Also on: Twitter and Flickr

Did you know: Daniela was taught to sit on a horse before she could walk

Haje Jan Kamps - Founder and Chief Evangelist

Haje is the Triggertrap inventor of sorts. His previous tinkering with a laser trigger for his camera is what gave Haje the idea for the Triggertrap. When he’s not coming up with crazy photography gadgets, Haje works as a writer and photographer.

Drink of choice: Perfect Manhattan.
Favorite Food: Quail Egg Omelette.
Also on: TwitterLinkedIn and Flickr.

Did you know: Haje once accidentally set his face on fire while juggling.

Richard Currie - Sales Director

Richard is Triggertrap's Sales Director, based in London and the most well travelled of team Triggertrap. He has a history of developing businesses in the tech space, and has successfully built commercial networks all over the world. Richard has a passion for food and entertaining, and will talk at length about pretty much anything you will let him.

Drink of Choice: Monkey 47 Gin & Fever Tree Tonic over Ice
Favourite Food: All of it, if its cooked right…
Also on: Linkedin

Did you know: Richard used to make money singing with German orchestras