How to assemble an HDR image

What you'll learn

1. An easy method for merging your photos into one HDR image
2. How to composite your HDR image with Photoshop
3. Some of the ways you can adjust your HDR image to create different effects.

If you’ve just followed one of our handy guides to taking HDR photos or LE HDR photos, then I’m sure you’re wondering how to composite all of the photos you’ve just taken into one spectacular, epically dynamically ranging image. Taking your bracketed images with their range of exposures and combining them in to one allows you to grab the detail from every part of your frame and gives you much more range to play with. You then have an awful lot more data than you normally would, allowing you to really bring out the best part of your scene.

What you'll need

  • Computer running photoshop
  • Your bracketed HDR images

Post processing steps


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