How to capture a ghostly Halloween photo

What you'll learn 

1. How long exposure can have an effect on portraits.

2. How to set up to create some ghostly photos.

3. How to use Triggertrap Mobile's Timed Release mode to capture the photos.

Long exposure can be used to give awesome effects to landscape photography. It can be used to make water look silky smooth, and at night you can use it to create car light trails and for light painting. But what about portraits? Using long exposures when capturing portraits results in ghost-like figures which can make for a fun halloween photography project! 

What you'll need

A bit of theory

This spooky technique takes advantage of something that we try to avoid in most photos, motion blur!

When using a long exposure time, moving objects blur and can seem slightly transparent, if you use this technique creatively, you can use the blur to give people a ghostly appearance.

Before you go on, you should be comfortable using your camera on Manual, Bulb and Manual Focus. If you're not sure about any of these, check out our basic tutorials here.

Setting up

Capturing the photos


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