How to create a 'Timewarp' timelapse

What you'll learn

  1. What a ‘timewarp’ timelapse is

  2. How to use Triggertrap Mobile’s TimeWarp mode

  3. When you might want to use timewarp

The way that timelapse photography compresses time and speeds up the movement of your subject is a unique way of capturing your subject, but the fun doesn’t have to end there.

What you'll need

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Triggertrap Mobile kit
  • Triggertrap Mobile app
  • (Optional: way of mounting your phone with your tripod, like a Phonetrap)
  • Timelapse subject

A bit of theory

We won’t be covering how to calculate a normal timelapse, so to learn about the basics of this technique please see our other tutorial.

With a little extra calculation, it’s possible to warp your timelapse so that time appears to speed up and slow down - with no extra post processing involved! Triggertrap Mobile comes with a TimeWarp mode that allows you to bend time any which way you want.

This is achieved by varying the intervals in between shots. By taking photos closer together or further apart during your shoot and then playing the images back, time will appear to accelerate and decelerate.

If you think of time as a line on a graph, with duration on the X axis and speed on the Y axis, you can plot points where you’d like time to speed up or slow down. In the Triggertrap Mobile app, to control our acceleration and deceleration of a Timelapse we use curves. Why? Because curves are sexy as hell, obviously. The first thing you’ll see on TimeWarp is something like the screenshot opposite. This curve describes a Timelapse that will start slowly, accelerate to its highest speed in the middle, and decelerate towards its end. You can pull the two handles about to change the acceleration and deceleration pattern. The app will calculate the changing intervals between shots in order to warp time.

To get started, you’ll need to work out the duration of your timelapse and the number of exposures you’ll need for the resulting timelapse clip length you desire. This will be the same as a normal timelapse clip. For help calculating the number of clips you need, check out our other tutorial. Add those into the bar up top, adjust your curve for the time warping action you desire, and you’re ready to go!

Afterwards, you can assemble the timelapse clip like normal and enjoy the timewarping effects.

Final set up

At this point, you should have your camera and intervalometer connected with the settings dialled in for both.

Capturing the photos

When you’re ready to go, hit the big red button and then sit back, relax and wait!