How to set up a flash adapter

What you'll learn 

1. Understand what comes in the flash adapter kit

2. How to plug everything together

3. How to get it to work.

The Triggertrap Flash Adapter is one of the most useful bits of kit for high speed photography! Triggering a flash takes considerably less time than triggering a camera, which is crucial for capturing blisteringly fast action in a flash. This short tutorial will talk you through how to set up a flash adapter up for the very first time.

What you'll need

A bit of theory

High speed photography is great fun, but once you’ve tried triggering your camera to capture really fast action you’ll soon run into a few issues. First of all, triggering a camera is slow. For most things, it’s plenty fast enough, but when we’re talking about capturing things exploding or smashing it is just too slow. There’s a load of mechanics involved with a camera shutter. First the mirror has to get out of the way, then the shutter has to move. In the best case this can take around 150ms which is a lot of time in the high speed world.

Triggering a flash on the other hand is much, much faster as it’s simply a case of closing a circuit, which means there are no moving parts involved!

Triggering a flash with Triggertrap Mobile is really, really simple. Connect the flash adapter to the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and you’re ready to go. Never try connecting your flash to your smart device without the Mobile Dongle as it could seriously damage the flash and/or your smart device.

Capturing the photos