How to use a cable release

What you'll learn

1. How to use a cable release with your camera

2. Why cable releases are useful

3. How to use Triggertrap Mobile’s Simple Cable Release

What you'll need

  • Camera

  • Tripod

  • Cable Release OR

  • Triggertrap Mobile Kit (Buy Here)


A cable release is really useful accessory for any photographer. It simply moves the shutter release button away from the camera, allowing you to trigger the camera without touching it. Cable releases are really useful in a range of scenarios, usually when it’s best to avoid moving the camera at all. Possibly the most crucial example of the best place to use a cable release is during long exposure photography, where any movement can ruin the shot. There are a huge range of remote releases available, from simple one-button remotes to much more feature-heavy remotes, including Triggertrap Mobile – which lets you use your smartphone in the place of a simple cable release. This can be particularly helpful, as instead of carrying round a whole separate bit of equipment, you simply need your phone and the Triggertrap Mobile kit which takes up much less space in your kit bag.

The finished setup

At this point, you should have your camera on a tripod with your cable release connected!