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Video ReviewLens & Shutter(March 2015) - L&S TV Get their hands on the Triggertrap "Triggertrap takes advantage of the really neat features of your smart phone and uses them to control the camera...It's an awesome system"

Gift Advice - Gifts and Coupons  -  Originating from a Kickstarter campaign, this product is really useful. I like the idea of literally shouting "cheese" and the sound volume is recognised and then a photo is taken. Great stuff! 

Review Best Mirrorless Camera Reviews (November 2014) 10 photography gifts the mirrorless photographer in your life will actually find useful "The TriggerTrap mobile kit is a wonderful tool that will turn your smartphone into a remote control for your camera... the price is truly reasonable."

Tutorial Digital Camera World (November 2014) High Speed Photography Ideas "You might think sound triggers are expensive, but there’s a great gadget from Triggertrap that costs just £23 ($35) that pairs your camera or flash with your smartphone, enabling you to use your phone’s built-in microphone, camera, clock and vibration sensors to trigger your DSLR."

Review FStoppers (November 2014) Don't Throw That Old Phone in a Box, Repurpose It "Yes, your phone has a camera, but you can also use it to trigger your DSLR. Whether you want to turn it into the ultimate selfie machine or create a sound trigger, these apps can do just that. Triggertrap for iOS and DSLR remote for Android."


Review Photography Monthly (November 2014) 50 Best Gifts for Photographers "The new mobile kit is available from Triggertrap now, giving you an awful lot of camera triggering options to play with for your money."

Review Phoblographer (November 2014) Essentials: The Creative Timelapser "It’s very much like an intervalometer, except it can do many more things. Triggertrap can shoot timelapses, do HDR images, allow for bulb ramping with timelapse shooting, can trigger flash slaves based on sound, and a whole bunch more. We haven’t had this much fun with an intervalometer in years. Many photographers are already using Triggertrap, but our favorite has to be the flash adapter."

Review Brendans Adventures (November 2014) 8 Useful and Money-Saving Travel Photography Hacks "Using the app you download free to your phone, you’ve got some amazing controls enabled such as timelapse, remote shooting, noise activation and much more. Now, well a typical intervalometer costs about $120, the TriggerTrap costs about $35 and does 4 times as many things. It saves space and money."

Review Derryn Vranch (November 2014) Bangs, Whistles and Triggertrap "I used my iPhone to trigger my shutter using the fantastic Triggertrap mobile app. This made capturing some great firework shots so much easier. Just press the button and let it do it’s magic."

Tutorial Behind The LensCap (November 2014) Triggertrap Long Exposure HDR Tutorial "Wouldn’t it be great to have the phone control the camera and stop the exposure at the correct time? This is exactly what Triggertrap does."

Review TechLife (October 2014) Connect Your Camera to your Handset "One of the best out there is Triggertrap, which will run you about $50, but, when combined with the companion app, can extend the feature set of your camera with sound triggers, three different long exposure modes, five different timelapse modes including HDR timelapse, GPS-based distance-lapse (handy for sticking your camera on the dashboard) and one especially for creating star trails, and more."

Review Frank Doorhof (October 2014) Triggertrap Review "I really can’t imaging a better spend $33.00 for a remote control (and actually calling it a remote control is HIGHLY offensive for the Triggertrap), let’s call it the magical remote do it all device…. well ok that’s too long but you know what I mean, I love it, check them out."

Review Rangefinder Magazine (October 2014) Fire Away: The Spark Behind Remote Triggering with Triggertrap "Using Triggertrap is remarkably straightforward. With your camera set to manual focus and the app downloaded to your mobile device, you attach the dongle to both and turn them on. Navigate to the app and select an operating mode. Focus the camera and set the shutter speed and aperture if needed for the chosen mode. Enter any information needed by the mode in the app, and, in most modes, press a large red button on your device’s screen to activate the camera."

Review Shutterstock (October 2014) 8 Ways Your Smartphone Can Be Your Digital Cameras Best Friend "Some clever third-party apps offer variable controls for time-lapse photography that go well beyond what many cameras offer in their native menus and apps. Apps also open up “threshold” shots. Most famously, Triggertrap provides automatic shutter on thresholds like sound and motion, meaning an image is snapped every time the noise level hits a certain volume or the camera itself travels X number of feet. Triggertrap Mobile even supports Pebble smart watches, giving you the instant cool factor of hitting the shutter from your wrist."

Review mariannechua (September 2014) Unboxing and Review of the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle "I think it's such an ace little tool for the prosumer, professional or even the enthusiast, it'd fit so neatly into a bag for those who hike to cool scenic landscapes, best of all it's less than £25 and the phone app is free so it packs a lot of interesting features for the price!"

ReviewDigital Photography School(September 2014) Mobile Triggers Compared to Help You Choose the Right One"My favourite mobile trigger is Triggertrap for two reasons. For one the app is amazing and contains so many useful features that shouldn’t and can’t be ignored. The team at Triggertrap is also looking for more ways to innovate in the industry, and they’re working on amazing things. For the price of the mobile kits, and the quality of the product itself, on top of the incredible mobile apps, the product is truly a winner."

Video ReviewCameraRec Toby (September 2014) Triggertrap Mobile - Review & Walkthrough - Big brains for your DSLR

ReviewMostly Photos(September 2014) Triggertrap"The new hardware paired with the updated iOS App feels more reliable than the previous incarnation (which already worked great) it is also a little snappier to trigger"

Video ReviewDigitalRevTV(August 2014) How to Shoot Earth Shattering High Speed - Speed Shooter Ep. 3

ReviewChris Bray Photography(August 2014) Gear Review: Triggertrap"The app does almost all the work so you can sit back and enjoy the scene in front of you! It even has settings so that your camera takes a photo when it senses vibration or motion. Pretty fun!"

ReviewCrookedBrains(August 2014) 15 Smart and Innovative App-Controlled Gadgets"Triggertrap: It comes with a sync cord that lets you control your camera's shutter with your iPhone via an app. It turns your smartphone into an intelligent remote for your camera."

ReviewExpedition Workshops(August 2014) A versatile remote for any camera- Triggertrap"The great thing is that Triggertrap also make a cable for just about any camera on the market, it also splits in the middle and so if you change systems, you simply purchase a new plug. This makes upgrades very easy and inexpensive, it also means you are not forced to buy a whole new remote. I would really recommend you give their products a try."

ReviewTuts Plus(August 2014) Time-lapse and Long Exposure Control With Your Smartphone"The TriggerTrap set up is great way to expand your creativity by trying new areas of photography without breaking the bank."

ReviewClove Technology(August 2014) Triggertrap Review"After using this for a few days, there is nothing negative I can say about it. I have become very fond of it.  It is definitely something that’s going to be in my camera bag and go anywhere my camera goes!"

Review DIY Tripods (August 2014)Triggertrap for Android Reviewed "one of 'the Pitch’ top 100 start ups in the UK"

ReviewPhotography Silo(July 2014)  2nd shooter killer aka Triggertrap- Automated camera trigger"Say goodbye to ever needing a 2nd shooter!"

Review Charlotte Observer(July 2014)How to improve photos shot with your camera’s timer “Triggertrap’s Mobile Dongle kit and smartphone app help you make the most of your camera’s timer.”

Review The gadgeteer(July 2014)Use your smart phone or tablet as a remote shutter release for your DSLR“I’ve purchased remote shutter releases for all of the Nikon DSLRs that I own.  Some are wireless, some are wired, but they all require me to push a button to get a photo – and that’s all it can do.  With the Triggertrap cable and an app for your smart phone (most versions of iPhone and the 5th gen iPod touch, some Android phones) or tablet (most versions of iPad, iPad mini, and some Android tablets), you can trigger your camera in a variety of ways.”

Review Oh to be a muse (July 2014)What i’m loving in may 2014  “You can find things liketriggertrap (where your phone becomes a camera remote; photo lenses (with telephoto, polarized or fisheye) for your phone…and so much more!”

Review Macworld(June 2014)TriggerTrap Mobile review: Control your camera’s shutter with your iOS device“TriggerTrap Mobile dramatically expands your options for shooting more interesting photos that require a range of shutter speeds or other triggers, without requiring extra dedicated hardware.”

Review Flash Parker (Jun 2014)The Altro Star Gate “This is one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a photographer.”

Review Orion’s Belt(May 2014)How to take pictures of The Milky Way  “A remote shutter release. This helps in minimizing camera movement when you’re clicking the picture. I use TriggerTrapwith my iPhone.”

Review  360 project (May 2014)High Speed Drops: How to do it.” To be honest I much prefer using a trigger as it makes these sort of shots so much simpler to create.”

We had the honour of being shortlisted for the Smarta Breakthrough 50 this year!

We had the honour of being shortlisted for the Smarta Breakthrough 50 this year!
We had the honour of being shortlisted for the Smarta Breakthrough 50 this year!

Review Marty Cohen Photography(May 2014) My travel photo gear“In addition to the tripod, I used my Triggertrap Mobile and its free iPhone app to manage the long exposures.”

Review Million models UK (April 2014)Million models review. Triggertrap.“so many different ways of triggering your camera, from sound, touch screen,distance and even wifi from another device.”

Review 360 photography(April 2014) 11 Accessories for Long Exposure Photography“Triggertrap is another amazing mobile cable release brand.”

Review Mobile Geeks(April 2014)Screaming at Your Phone? Welcome to the World of TriggerTrap“We can see a whole bunch of possibilities with TriggerTrap, most them fun although professional photographers will also be able to take some awesome in the moment photos at sporting events, live shows and other places where capturing the exact moment is paramount.“

Review Mine forever(April 2014) Tips on capturing your engagement proposal “Photographers rave about Trigger trap Mobile – a neat little gadget that can help you operate your own camera from wherever you are.”

Review David pronk photography(March 2014) My new Sigma lens and the Triggertrap What I love about the Triggertap is the number of features it offers in relation to it’s price, I bought it for € 26,95 in The Netherlands. Experimenting with the features the app has is really cool!

Review E junkie(March 2014) 15 Funky Products Anybody Would Love To Have, Specially The Photographers “Connect two of your favorite gadgets with TriggerTrap. It’s a sync cord that lets you control your camera’s shutter with your iPhone, Android device, iPad, or iPod Touch via the app.”

Review Sugru(March 2014) Add a magnetic i phone mount to an ipod “My iPhone acts as the remote for my camera (via Triggertrap).”

Review Pashadelic (March 2014) Landscape Photographer Interview: Takayasu Ozak “I’m finding the Triggertrap to be extremely convenient”

Review CNET (March 2014) Best iPhone camera accessories “The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle lets you use your smartphone as a remote shutter release for digital SLR or advanced compact cameras.”

Review Digital Foto (March 2014) Gear guide “Triggertrap removes the need for extra equipment in your bag when you can use your smartphone or tablet as a cable release”

Review Crowd Clan (March 2014)Triggertrap“Be a one-stop shop for all types of camera triggering.Uniting to make photography easier and revolutionize the shutter button.”

News Grind TV (July 2014) "The coolest shutter-release remote we’ve seen yet (...) You won't know how you lived without it"

News PetaPixel (February 2014) Capturing the perfect proposal moment “Of all of the creative and exciting uses of Triggertrap, this has to be one of the best.”

News DIY Photography (February 2014) Photographer cleverly captures his own proposal with timelapse trickery “I hooked up Triggertrap Mobile and put it in Timelapse mode and set it to take a picture every second. This allowed me to choose from a number of images so that I was able to choose just the perfect moment.”

Review DIY Photography (February 2014) 10 Travel photography essentials “One of the best tripod companions around”

Review Business 2 Community (February 2014) 7 creative communication tools that make your devices smarter“It makes a nice quick-and-dirty way to get that professional shot.”

News (February 2014) Searching for the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company with the Smart UK Project“One of the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Companies”

Review Gypsy Creative (February 2014) Affordable, professional, timelapse photography“In a nutshell, the app gives you a variety of creative triggering options”

Review CNET (February 2014) Smart pacifier among the best of british startups“TriggerTrap meanwhile connects your phone to any digital camera, letting you shoot remotely as well as take sequences of photos automatically, to combine into gorgeous time-lapse videos.”

Review Better Photography India (February 2014) A time to Trigger “If you use multiple cameras for your work, consider triggertrap to be a universal remote”

News Smart UK (January 2014) Smart UK Project Shortlisted for “UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company”


Review The HDR image (January 2014) Triggertrap Mobile – LE HDR Trigger – Product Review“Overall I think the Triggertrap is a great device, especially for the price” 


Review BT Tech Gadgets (December 2013)The 13 best phone and tablet apps of 2013 “The Triggertrap app for iOS and Android is a photographer’s dream”

NewsDoug Niedermiller Photography (December 2013)Triggertrap Mobile the perfect Christmas gift for photographers “the device supports close to 300 different cameras  with a wired cable release option.”

Review Photofocus Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 Mini Review

NewsTechnabob (October 2013) Triggertrap Modular Camera Trigger: If It Can Sense It, You Can Shoot It “For instance, you can rig your camera to shoot only when the light sensor and the sound sensor are both triggered”

NewsPop Photo (October 2013) Triggertrap Kickstarts new Modular Camera Trigger “A far more refined looking, modular triggering system”

Review TUAW October 2013 Take control of your DSLR with the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and app “I’m absolutely amazed that the Triggertrap team has created such a compatible and powerful tool for photographers that costs so little and does so much.”

A tasty, tasty review in the ever-so-lovely Stuff magazine!
A tasty, tasty review in the ever-so-lovely Stuff magazine!

News Cult of Mac (October 2013) Triggertrap: Trigger your camera with frikkin’ lasers “It looks totally cool, and thanks to its modular nature it won’t be obsoleted. Pitch in now for an estimated May 2014 delivery.”

News Lighting Rumours (October 2013) Modular camera/flash trigger aims to make high-speed photography easier“The Kickstarter campaign has already raised twice its £50,000 goal, but there is still time to support the project”

News Petapixel(October 2013) The New Triggertrap: An Infinitely Expandable Camera Trigger “Over the next month, pledgers have the opportunity to save big on customized sensor combination packages put together with specific needs in mind.”

News The Phoblographer (October 2013) Triggertrap Sports a Laser, But It’s Not for Your Cat This Time “What has so far only been possible with special equipment is now on its way to your camera bag, thanks to Triggertrap’s latest Kickstarter funding campaign”

News Inspired Magz (October 2013) Modular Camera Trigger by Triggertrap

News Gizmodo UK (October 2013) Triggertrap Camera Trigger is Fast Enough to Snap a Bullet in Flight“One of the few Kickstarter-funded companies worth its salt”


News Revell Photography (October 2013) A Kickstarter Project I can Really Get Behind “I see a lot of Kickstarter projects that come across my desk and most of them are pretty clever but I haven’t ever seen one that really inspired me to open my wallet, that is until now.”

News PMA Newsline (September 2013) Triggertrap updates app for camera control“The new version of the iOS and Android mobile apps conveys 14 complex advanced remote triggering options in a “visually seductive and simplified design”

News Imaging Resource (September 2013) Just in time for iOS 7, Triggertrap Mobile app gets a cleaner, skeumorph-free interface“It’s out with the skeuomorphic — that is, user interface elements which try to look like design features of earlier products — and in with a much simpler, more modern aesthetic.”

News ePhotoZine (September 2013) Triggertrap Mobile App 2.0 Launched “Version 2.0 includes 14 advanced remote triggering options in a simplified design which makes the app really easy to use.”

News PetaPixel (September 2013) Triggertrap Releases Revamped Version 2.0, Now Offers 14 Triggering Options “Redesigned from the ground up, they’ve done away with the dark design and dials in favor of a cleaner, brighter menu system.”

News Phoblographer (September 2013) Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 “A fresh, modern look that makes it easier for each photographer to realize their unique vision”

News PC Pro (August 2013) 31 Best iPhone Apps “No end of creative possibilities”

Review Stuff Magazine (August 2013) Stuff Picks: Appcessories “Triggertrap manages to make photography’s least sexy piece of equipment, the remote shutter release, seem exciting and new”

News Petapixel (August 2013) Primelapse Brings Together Quality Time-Lapses from Around the World “Created by the folks that brought you TriggerTrap, the website gives time-lapse photographers a place to display their work alongside their peers, while providing time-lapse fans with a great place to discover videos they might never have otherwise run across”

News Shutterbug (August 2013) The right tool for the right job “The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle combines the capabilities of several expensive camera accessories into a single, affordable product.”

News Photography Blog (August 2013) Triggertrap launches Primelapse “Triggertrap Launches, Global Home for All Things Timelapse”

ReviewThe Phoblographer(July 2013) Night Photography Essentials: Must-Have and Must-Do “There is a core set of things you must have to consistently make great exposures at night”

News GadgetSin (July 2013) Triggertrap Turns Your Smartphone or Tablet into Camera Remote Control “The Triggertrap is a practical camera adapter designed to offer you an easy way to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote shutter.”


News Imaging Resource (July 2013) Primal scream photo portraits captured with Triggertrap sound trigger app “It’s important to capture emotion in a portrait but how about photographing a good, old fashioned primal scream?”

News PetaPixel (July 2013) 5 Essential Photo Apps for your Phone“Triggertrap is the definition of an app that will help you expand your photography.”

News SLR Lounge (June 2013) Triggertrap Releases New Flash Adapter for High Speed Photography “Opens the world of High Speed Photography to the average joes of the world”

News DPReview (June 2013)Triggertrap Flash Adapter harnesses smartphones for high-speed digital photography “The idea with the special Triggertrap Flash Adapter is that if you are trying to catch a bullet mid-flight, it is very difficult to do so if the flash is connected to your camera.”

News The Phoblographer (June 2013) The Triggertrap Flash Adapter: Triggering Your Flash with Your iPhone or Android“Triggertrap Flash Adapter is being aimed at the general strobist audience and boasts response times are now about 12 times faster the previous versions”

News Pop Photo (June 2013)Triggertrap Can Now Control Your Flash With Your Smartphone “The TriggerTrap Flash Adapter will set you back around $30, and does for flashes what the original TriggerTrap did for cameras. So why would you control the flash directly, rather than just having the camera set the flash off for you? Because this way you can get much higher speed photography.”

News Photography Blog(June 2013) Triggertrap Updates iOS App, Launches Flash Adapter “The Triggertrap Mobile iOS app enables trigger response times that are up to 12 times faster than previously possible (improved from 60 milliseconds to as low as 5 milliseconds depending on the device used), complementing its launch of the Triggertrap Flash Adapter accessory”

News Photography Bay (June 2013) Triggertrap Just Made High-Speed Photography Stupid-Easy“The results allow the Triggertrap app and flash triggers to be easily used for high-speed photography captures”

News The iPad for Photographers (June 2013) Triggertrap Flash Adapter enables High Speed Shots “The Triggertrap Flash Adapter controls one or two (simultaneously) strobe flashes. That enables better high-speed photography (think popping balloons or splashing water droplets)”

News Digital Photography Now (June 2013) Triggertrap Mobile Brings High-Speed Photography to the Masses with Latest Update and Accessory “iOS camera triggering app exponentially improves performance speeds in latest update, combines with just-launched Triggertrap Flash Adapter to simplify high-speed photography for all skill levels”

News PetaPixel (June 2013) Triggertrap introduces new flash adapter and speedy app update “primed to take the app’s high-speed photo capabilities to the next level”

ReviewShutterbug Magazine (June 2013) Advanced Camera Triggering “The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle combined the capabilities of several expensive camera accessories into a single, affordable product.”

News DIY Photography (June 2013) Triggertrap Strobe Adapter – High Speed Photography with your Phone. “This is a huge step forward in terms of making high speed photography accessible”

News TechNorms (June 2013)The Absolute 8 Best iOS Apps for Photographers “Triggertrap is the best remote shutter release app as it includes 12 different triggering modes. Including time-lapse and star trail modes.”

ReviewSmall Camera Big Picture(March 2013) Triggertrap is the Timelapse 2.0“Welcome to a new level of time-lapse control.”

Review Scott Wood Photography (February 2013) Triggertrap Mobile Review“For under $30 you simply can’t go wrong, it puts any other shutter release I have used to shame.”

ReviewShoots Imaging (February 2013) Triggertrap Mobile Review“So… Do I like this unit? Yep, I think it’s awesome!”

ReviewPawlik.Viewing (German photo blog – March 2013) WLAN für Canon und Nikon: Cameramator vs. CamRanger vs. Triggertrap


Review Engadgets (December 2012) In Real Life: Triggertrap Mobile “For me, it’s more of a glorified shutter release tool, but one that’s really easy to integrate into my workflow (after all, I always have my phone). And at $25, it doesn’t cost all that much, either. “

ReviewRéponses Photo (French Magazine – Jan 2013) “Options innovates”

Review CameraREC (Dec 2012) Triggertrap App – adds a host of smart ways of triggering your camera “I love working with people that take an extra step to make things right”

Review TrustedReviews (Dec 2012)Triggertrap Mobile ReviewScore: 9/10 – EDITOR’S CHOICE! “Triggertrap Mobile is a nifty addition to any photographer’s toolkit, providing a genuine alternative to traditional triggers that not only offers more features, but does so for a fraction of the cost” 

Review ePhotoZine (Dec 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Review“Feature-packed (…) Excellent value for money” – 4.5 out of 5 stars!

ReviewRichardAnthonyMorris (Dec 2012) App Review | Triggertrap Mobile “I work at a camera shop and I get a lot of people coming in and asking for advice on Timelapse (…)  I always recommend Triggertrap”

ReviewNarshada Photography (Dec 2012) Triggertrap Review “All in all Triggertrap offers amazing functionality and value, considering it is less than half the price of its nearest competitor (…) If you want a bottom line, it’s this: I’ve taken my [competing product] back for a refund.”


News Gizmodo (Dec 2012) App Deal of the Day

ReviewShot by Scott (Dec 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Review“one of those must have photography items. And it wont cost you an arm and a leg. Even the normal cable release from some manufacturers cost more then the whole mobile set up!” 

ReviewPhotoTips (Dec 2012) TriggerTrap – Coolest Wireless Shutter Release Ever “Right in the same ball park for all the features that can be found in units for $200 or more. Crazy, right?” 

News TNT Magazine (Dec 2012) App of the week!

News CNet Australia (Nov 2012) Control your camera with Triggertrap and get the app free!

News Tech Radar (Nov 2012) Hit Triggertrap camera-trigger app now free for iPhone and Android

News Photography Blog (Nov 2012) Photography Blog: Holiday Gift Guide “Must-have accessory that won’t break the bank”

News DPReview (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile app available free until the end of the year “The idea is to make it easier to give the mobile dongle as a gift, without the recipient then having to buy the associated app”

News Tech Nutty (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile App Going Free

ReviewImaging Resource (Nov 2012)Computer-Aided Remote Release “Outright prolonged applause. And get yours if only for your device’s camera while it’s still free”

News PhotographyBlog (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile App goes Free

News DPNow(Nov 2012) Triggertrap app goes Free

News ePhotozine (Nov 2012) Triggertrap App Now Free

News CNet (Nov 2012) Triggertrap camera triggering app free for the holidays

News Gizmag (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile gians Wi-Fi triggering via multiple devices.

News Photo Newsline (Nov 2012) Triggertrap wirelessly controls cameras from phones

News Shiny Shiny (Nov 2012) CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 Mobile photography gadgets & accessories

News Digital Photography Now (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile goes Wireless

News Photography Blog (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile: Now Wireless

News Truly Gadgets (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile; Cheap, Fast, In Control of your DSLR

News The Digital Story (Nov 2012) Affordable WiFi Camera Remote Control with Triggertrap

Review Anaara (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Review “Triggertrap is a cable release for your camera. A very, very fancy cable release with a plethora of applications and use cases”

ReviewMobile Choice (Nov 2012) Mobile Choice Christmas Gift Guide “(…) will enhance the formidable power of your smartphone”

We're modular. We're robust. And we're in Forbes.
We're modular. We're robust. And we're in Forbes.

News What Digital Camera (Nov 2012)Triggertrap Mobile goes Wireless

News Pop Photo (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile gains remote firing via Smartphone

News Engadget (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile update adds WiFi control for device-laden shutterbugs

News DPReview (Nov 2012)Triggertrap mobile app adds Wi-Fi control for remote smart camera triggering

News 2012) Triggertrap Mobile goes Wireless

News KTRE News (Nov 2012)Triggertrap Mobile goes Wireless

News I4U News (Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Goes Wireless

News News 10(Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Goes Wireless

News ePhotoZine (Nov 2012)Triggertrap iOS Wireless Functionality

ReviewTruly Gadgets(Nov 2012) Triggertrap Mobile: Cheap, Fast, In Control Of Your DSLR “it’s cheap enough that it can practically be a stocking stuffer or easy gift for any budding photographer”

News C|Net Asia (Nov 2012) Five Cool Photography Projects for Photographers

Stuff (Oct 2012) Top Tech Stories 15/10/12

News ePHOTOzine (Oct 2012) TriggerTrap Nominated At European Elektra Awards“Triggertrap, the Kickstarter-funded camera trigger that’s taken the photography world by storm, has been shortlisted for the ‘New Company of the Year’ Award at Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards 2012. The nomination follows the huge success of Triggertrap’s iOS app and the recent launch of an Android version.”

Review Forbes (Oct 2012) Triggertrap Happy: A Modular, Robust App-based Intervalometer “When you compare it against the competition, it wins in more than design and features. It also wins in price.”

ReviewPocket-Lint (Oct 2012) Triggertrap Mobile pictures & Hands-On “(…) opening us up to a whole new world of photography” 

News Yahoo News (Oct 2012) How-to guide: Triggertrap Mobile and timelapse photography “Triggertrap is definitely a promising app for intermediate to advanced level photographers who are comfortable experimenting with the more complicated capabilities of their cameras”

News Recombu (Oct 2012)Triggertrap: Recombu’s Bake of the Week (YouTube Video link)

News Jack Oughton (Oct 2012)Timelapse Photography and Triggertrap Mobile“Triggertrap is probably the best ‘new’ way of making your own timelapses. You use this cool little app to trigger your camera via your iPhone, but it’s got so many ways of doing this that the possibilities are practically endless.” 

News Mobile Mode (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Offers Android Users Remote DSL Control

News Photography Blog(Sep 2012) Triggertrap Mobile for Android

News Crunchdot (Sep 2012) Triggertrap brings its auto shutter release powers to Android with new application

News Mobile & Gadget (Sep 2012) News: Triggertrap releases Android App

News GadgetXpert (Sep 2012) Triggertrap unveils new Android App

News The App Whisperer (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Temporary Price Drop

News Lifehacker(Sep 2012) TriggerTrap Controls Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

News Appolicious (Sep 2012)New Android Apps Worth Downloading

News Mobile Choice (Sep 2012) APP WATCH: Triggertrap for SLR cameras

News The App Whisperer (Sep 2012) Triggertrap unveils new Android app.

News Petapixel (Sep 2012)Trigger Trap Arrives on Android with New v2 Dongle in Town

News Gizmodo UK (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Mobile: Bringing DSLR-Triggering Fun to Your Android PhoneGIZMODO APP OF THE DAY!

NewsGeeky Gadgets (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2 Announced With Android Mobile App

NewsAndroid Police (Sep 2012)TriggerTrap Offers Android Users Remote DSLR Controls For Nearly 300 Camera Models

NewsDroidDog (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Is Shutter Release, Works With Android Devices

NewsAndroid Central (Sep 2012) Triggertrap fires up an Android app, new dongle for remote photography (Sep 2012)

News What Digital Camera (Sep 2012) Triggertrap launches Android App

News Geeky Gadgets (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2 Announced With Android Mobile App

NewsDigital SLR Photography (Sep 2012) Triggertrap unveils new Android app

NewsGeekosity (Sep 2012)Triggertrap for Android Released Today“TriggerTrap is one of our favourite products”

ReviewSeymour Digital Consulting (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Mobile – Review “In terms of my favorite mode so far, the “Long Exposure HDR” Mode”, which to a HDR photographer, is almost as easy as ‘point-n-click’!”

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NewsePhotoZine (Sep 2012) Triggertrap Launch New Android App “Not content with just being a cable release, the Triggertrap Mobile for Android app comes with eight different modes”

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2011 and older...

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