Cable Release Modes

Cable Release Modes

-- Triggertrap Mobile has a range of cable release modes.

Ah, cable release modes. The staple of any good, well, cable release. Luckily for you, Triggertrap Mobile has a bundle of handy cable release modes! These are perfect for ensuring super sharp shots, luscious ludicrously long exposures and for counting down to take the perfect self portrait.

Simple Cable Release

Tap the big red button to take a picture

Quick Release

Push and hold the red button, then release button to take a picture

Press and Hold¹ 

Touch to the red button to start the exposure, release to stop

Press and Lock¹

Touch to start, touch to stop

Timed Release¹

Choose your shutter speed

Self Timer

Photo in 3...2...1...

¹ - These modes require the camera to be set to bulb. Most cameras supported by Triggertrap Mobile have this function, however a few do not. If you're unsure, please check your camera's user manual

Cover photo by Triggertrap user Brian van Daal