LE HDR Modes

LE HDR Modes

- Triggertrap Mobile's LE HDR modes

LE HDR? That's long exposure high dynamic range! It's like a normal HDR with multiple bracketed shots, but specifically designed for shooting long exposures.


Long exposure HDR sets. Set your middle exposure, the EV step and the number of exposures and Triggertrap Mobile takes care of the rest.

LE HDR Timelapse¹

Like LE HDR, but with timelapse. Set the middle exposure, interval and EV step and Triggertrap Mobile will capture brackets of three shots, perfect for timelapse.

¹ - These modes require the camera to be set to bulb. Most cameras supported by Triggertrap Mobile have this function, however a few do not. If you're unsure, please check your camera's user manual. The minumum shutter speed available on the LE HDR mode is 1/15 as a result of this.

Cover photo by Triggertrap user Roy Vermelis.