Sensor Modes

Sensor Modes

  - the Triggertrap Mobile sensor modes.

Trigger your camera with sound, motion, vibration or face detection with the awesome sensor modes build in to the Triggertrap Mobile app.

Sound Sensor

Trigger your camera using sound, perfect for remote selfies or high speed photography.

Vibration Sensor¹

Use the accelerometer on your iOS device to trigger the camera based on vibration.



Use face detection to trigger the camera! Set the number of faces that need to be in shot and then your iOS device will trigger your DSLR as soon as it sees enough faces.

Motion Sensor¹

Use the camera on the iOS device to look out for motion and trigger your DSLR as soon as there is enough movement. 

¹ - These modes are only available on the iOS version of the Triggertrap Mobile App. They are not available on Android, sorry folks.

Cover photo by Triggertrap user David Hopley