Timelapse Modes

Timelapse Modes

 -Triggertrap mobile is perfect for timelapse

What's better than triggering the camera once I hear you ask? Triggering the camera multiple times, of course! Triggertrap Mobile's array of terrific timelapse modes make shooting timelapse simple. There are also some pretty neat features such as TimeWarp (you'll want to do this again and again) for speeding up and slowing down time, DistanceLapse for perfect road trip timelapses, and more!


Type in your interval (gap between shots) and hit the red button to start.


Like timelapse, but with added acceleration.


Uses the GPS on your phone to trigger your camera based on distance travelled. Neat, huh? 
This mode is perfect for road trip timelapses.

Star Trail¹

Set the number of exposures, exposure time, and the interval. This mode gives extreme exposure control and allows you to create perfect star trail shots every time.


Bulb ramping timelapses for everyone! Perfect for nailing the day to night, or night to day timelapse. Set your start and end exposure, number of exposures and interval and the Bramping mode takes care of the hard bit for you.


¹ - These modes require the camera to be set to bulb. Most cameras supported by Triggertrap Mobile have this function, however a few do not. If you're unsure, please check your camera's user manual

Cover photo by Triggertrap user Adam King