8 Top tips for staying creative on your photo project

Banner photo by Triggertrap User, Brian Drourr

Whether you're starting a new project for the new year or you're already well into a photography project, here are a few tips to help you out on your way

Team up!

Projects can be tricky when you’re doing it alone so why not team up with other people? Meeting new people and collaborating can result in more than just an awesome photo. Keep an eye out for events (we held a fun Photowalk in London, plus the LapseWorld events last year) where you can meet like-minded people.

Step out of your comfort zone

Embarking on a big photo project can be daunting, but it's always good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you usually shoot portraits, give long exposure photography a go. You’re a landscape photographer? Why not try and shoot some portraits. Even better, combine what you already know with something new to make some unique photos.

Go on an adventure

Getting away from your day-to-day routine and the places you see everyday can be a huge inspiration. Go out and see the world. You don’t need to jump straight on a flight (though if you can, why not!); you can explore the world around you. Check out new places in your town, or even revisit places with a different view on things. Try looking up high to the tops of buildings or getting down very low to the ground. You'll be surprised by something you've never seen before.

Share your photos somewhere new

Do you usually just post your shots on Flickr? Why not give Instagram a go? Try posting your shots to a new platform. This way, your photos will reach new people and get more feedback. There’s loads of platforms for sharing your photos, plus you can browse through other people's photos for inspiration.

Enter contests

If you’re taking a lot of photos across the year, chances are you’ll be getting pretty good at it! Why not enter a contest on GuruShots or Photocrowd and see what happens? Not only can you use the theme as inspiration for new shots, you might just win a prize.

Spend a night under the stars

There’s a lot to be said for spending a night under the stars. Camping out for an evening with family or friends and a supply of flasks, blankets, and snacks, gazing at the night sky is an inspiring, and fun, thing to do. And it gives you the opportunity to capture some awesome photos on the way.  There are so many cool techniques to try out, like star trails or even self portraits with the milky way behind you.

This awesome star trail shot is by Triggertrap user Joseph Gruber

This awesome star trail shot is by Triggertrap user Joseph Gruber

Give new techniques a try

Jump into the world of macro photography, make a mess with high speed photography, or why not try a timelapse? The end result is a video, sure, but that doesn’t mean you won’t capture some great stills in the process. We have a load handy tutorials to get you started with some new techniques.

Blog your project and document the process

As a photographer, you know that the photo itself is usually only part of the story. Start a blog to share the shots, but also to share the process behind each photo. If you’re doing something with a complicated set up, take a behind the scenes shot on your phone and share that too. There's loads of great blog platforms, from Wordpress to Tumblr, best of all, most of them are completely free.

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